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Cooked!If you’re a new, or experienced user to Secret Spabbit, you’ll no doubt have noticed the odd recipe, or two… Now it’s all very well and good having a browse through the Recipe Category, but sometimes you need a reference – so please refer to this page, which will be updated when new recipes are published.

Just a couple of notes with regard to the recipes listed here – they’re all mine – either I make them up from nothing but my spice cupboard, or I get inspired from the interwebs, read all the recipes, ignore them, and do my own thing – either way, I hope you either use some of them, or be inspired to do your own thing 🙂

#LCHF Low Carb, High Fat – Most of the recipes here are Low Carb, which means, as it says – not eating (m)any Carbs.. For a more detailed explanation, please see the page from I lost around 5 stone following LCHF for 6 months, worked for me, read about it here – I hope it works for you!



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NON-LCHF Recipes

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