Full now.

The weekend is progressing too fast again. Have been shopping with My Wife this morning, we’ve done Tesco, Home Bargains, Aldi and Pound Stretcher. Didn’t spend that much, but got what we needed; boring stuff, but hey, it’s part of live.

Lunch was had at The Three Elms, I did 12oz of burgers topped with bacon and cheese, My Wife had the usual 20oz steak with it’s usual trimmings and a half a bottle of wine to drink – I fucked up the order though, ordering a medium-rare steak, where as she wanted a medium well. One of those days – I’ve been fucking up all day, just minor stuff, but well… I am getting on a bit now.

The Son, his fiancée and the grand-daughter are here at the mo, they’ve all gone out into the garden, I can hear the grand-daughter giggle and cry from here – the sound of family.

Just talking of family, until a few years ago this wasn’t something I thought I’d have – my father’s family are pretty much non-existent, and I don’t have anything to do with those catholic motherfuckers on my biological mother’s side; but hey the saying that you can’t pick your family is bullshit 🙂

Took care of the cats (5 out of 6) this morning by flea-treating with that spot on stuff. Hopefully they’ll all be free in a week or so!

Moving on the rest of the weekend starts here, probably continuing to watch House MD, season 8 (The last one – Boo!) and generally chilling. Tomorrow morning brings the visit to Dad’s new place to unload his clapped out French death-trap of a van.

Fucking parents.

Just a bit of history here before I go into why the parents are “Fucking parents”. When I was a lot younger my parents split, I was left with my bitch-whore of a mother who abused me in terms of religious (catholic) abuse for many years, she’s dead now (YaY!), and I’m still healing from the mental scars those years of abuse left me with.

My father on the other hand moved to France with my Step-Mother, that was about 25 years ago; now they’re moving back. Anyhow, moving back to 20 miles down the road, moving into a house which is going to turn into a “4th Bridge” project, where by they’re already well into the cycle of continual and eternal DIY on an epic basis.

He wants me to drive a 40 mile round trip on Sunday morning to unload a van. Yup, that’s right, unload a fucking van. Now I would never dream of asking someone this, yet for him, in his own mind, he is not a bad person for it – in his mind, it’s a normal request. To add insult to this, he wants it done at stupid o’clock. Yesterday he called to confirmed this and was surprised I wasn’t looking forward to this, and in fact I had a negative attitude (Is he real?). I work for a living, have only two days off per week to sleep in and spend with My Wife; he fails to see that. So “Fucking parents” – there you have it.

I’ll continue this thread when the van unloading has been done. He is still sulking that I’m not jumping for joy at this “opportunity”, I guess it’s a generation-thing.

Stick it too the bastards!

HaHa! 🙂

NSS: Claim that children’s religious freedoms breached by scrapping of free transport to faith schools rejected by secularists

Love the way that bint says they’ll remember this ‘attack’… We’re not attacking them (Even though that might be the right thing to do), we’re just taking away their special rights they’ve weasel’d out of the bleeding-hearted leftie-wankers in the past.

Israel and Pat Condell

Pat Condell and Israel.  Not saying anything, he seems to say it all.  I’m an Atheist, but can’t help see the point which Israel is making in defending itself at the moment.  It’s odd though, in the UK, the public opinion of the Israel / Gaza war is in favour of Gaza; I think it’s the mass of bleeding hearted leftie wannabe-wankers who can only see the stats in terms of deaths…  It makes me laugh when the same people are muslim-bashing when any terrorist attack comes on the news.

Anyhow, it’s not my war, so this is the last I’ll say on the subject!