Welcome to Spabbit.net!

This is my personal site, the primary aim of the site is a Magazine / Blog. The site is a cornucopia brain dump, plus some tech, reviews, opinions, cats, recipes and the odd rant. Use the links in the menu above, or jump straight into a particular topic using the Web Words to the right.

Why Spabbit? What is a Spabbit?

Why? Because.

What is a Spabbit? Glad you asked! To the right, you’ll see a picture of an average Spabbit. The Spabbit is the descendent of the spider, and the rabbit. The Spabbit possesses the proportional strength of the spider, the good looks, speed and cunning of the rabbit, all combined with a genius level intellect; and it’s cute.

Spabbits come in all shapes and sizes, from the nano-spabbit which is able to drift on the wind, to the Spabbit of Dartmoor, the beast which lurks in the night 😉

(Of course I’m slightly mad, and this is a mere projection of the madness, but don’t let that stop you! Enjoy the content.)

As a strict disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed on this site are just that views and opinions. It is your choice to read them. If you choose to be offended, then simply click off the site and go live happily ever after, nobody is forcing you to read anything on here. If you think writing here references you as an individual: Well unless you’re specifically named, then it’s simply not you. If you agree with, or laugh at content here, then my friend, I like you. 🙂