Racism, Sexism, or just plain discrimination – none are pretty, either way.

bbcjobsThis story from The Sun (Which the BBC have rubbished, but who believes them these days?) has irked me. This is a prime example of racism, and would be just the same as advertising the positions as white only, or women only, or dare I say, white-working-non-disabled-male-only.

The BBC should be ashamed of themselves. I think I have a higher moral standard as an individual as they do at an organisational level. What I think is “The best person for that job“… Fuck any other consideration… I mean it’s fucking 2016 and this shit is still going on, come on BBC, grow the fuck up.

I don’t care what colour a person’s skin is, or if they have the right number of limbs, or if they’re fat or thin, or any other feature about ’em – what is important, is that in a holistic way they fit in the role, having the skills and will get on with other staff in a harmonious manner – a workforce needs to get on!

I had a nasty experience of “positive” racism a number of years ago, in an old role, working for a different company (Which shall remain nameless!). Myself and a colleague were put in charge of recruiting someone to back-fill a tech role in a small team of tech-specialists; the role was internal-only, and had to be drawn from the existing work-force. There were a number of applicants, and we narrowed the selection down to just two of them; this is where things went wrong, and left a very sour taste in my mouth.

The “boss” said to me, “give it to this person, they’re black, and hasn’t had a promotion yet”. The person in question wasn’t anywhere close to the two people we’d narrowed the list down to. So they got the job. For those who read this, and may know the details – I hold nothing against the person for getting the job, they did in the end manage very well and grew as an individual, however to this day I can’t help think it was the wrong thing to do, as (Despite best wishes) they simply weren’t the best person for the job, and at the end of the day, I’m sure some customers suffered because of this.

I can only think of the abject feelings of humiliation the person in question felt about this, as I’m sure at the end of the day, they knew. OK, they had a job, but to be honest they were the victim in this – trapped by a management team with absolutely no moral compass what so fucking ever.

In this instance, the media has done the country a service and exposed this nasty trait at the BBC for all to see.

Right person for the job, nothing else should ever matter.

Yes, I have friends who are from all walks of life, and I don’t give a fuck what shape they are, what colour they are, male/female/inbetween, gay/bi/straight/whatever, or if they’re disabled, or not – they’re all good fucking people and should be treated equally – none of them should be put above another for any other reason than they’re most suitable for x task/role/whatever.

Gold-Star :)

Today is Annual-Wage-Slave-Bonus day in work. #win

Gold star to me, happy Spabbit! #YaY!

Same bonus and grade as last year, so I’m happy.  2.6% Pay Rise too 🙂

I would like to take a moment out to thank Star Trek, more specifically the Scotty Principle for my success.  Without the Scotty Principle, I couldn’t consistently pump out the amount of work which I do.  All hail Scotty 🙂

Will now be able to get the decorating done, service the car, spend some money on myself and my wife for #fun-shit, and pay off some credit-card, not to mention get some stuff for the new family additions (Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone about the last one!).  I’m relieved that I’ve managed to pull the rabbit from my arse two years in a row – a previously unimagined feat of super-spabbitness!

Remove Caller ID on the Three network in the UK

I use my personal device to call work customers (Unlimited minutes, and I hate having 2 phones!), and until now some of them have gained my number…  Not always a good thing!

I’d previously tried 141 before the number, without success…  Today I found the magic code…  And that code is to dial #31# before the number.  Works a treat 🙂

All the answers?

Just turned 42. Should I have all the answers to Life, The Universe, and everything? I think so.

I didn’t work. I still don’t have the answers, only more questions, mind, are the questions also the answers? Is the cat in the box alive or dead? Don’t peek 😉

This year end has been slightly less depressing than usual, perhaps because I was largely able to sulk in my own special way on my birthday, meaning that the following day, in comparison, seemed a shitload better.

  • This is the first year in the last nine where I’ve not been “at risk” of redundancy.
  • First year of having eight cats. Cute, but painful in the amount of upkeep and food etc!
  • Babies. Two more on the way from the daughter and daughter in law. Fuck. Babies. Ick.
  • New Car. Still shiny. Well, needs a wash, but still SHINY.
  • Lost around 5 stone / 70 lbs / 31 kg. Not yet skinny. Health normal though 🙂
  • Maintained the efforts in work. Hopefully to be translated into a phat bonus for my western consumerist arse.
  • Now have a sister. Well, step sister. Always had one, but due to interfering arseholes, I didn’t before.
  • Cooking is still 50% art, 50% skill, and 50% science. 150% you say? You’ve probably not tasted it 😉

More to come when the fingers feel like it 🙂

Good News: Fucktard has been fired!

In reference to the Fucking Retards Post

It has taken some time for the pure diamond-hard level of drooling Stupida to seep through the layers of middle management to HR, but it’s happened, yes, Stupida has been fired!

I believe the eventual reasons were that she couldn’t muster the will power to keep her rabid-shit-flap of a mouth closed when on calls, and ended up swearing at customers; and performing a role which has strict regulations, and fucking them up royally.

It’s excellent news for the company, I think the share-price might even rise.  On the downside for humanity, rumour has it that the fucking-drooling-chav-gypsy-queen-slag-bag is now working for British Gas; I pity the customers she’s now inflicted on.

Excellent news for me, I can once again feel comfortable in my working environment without feeling a continual need to bury the nearest sharp (Or blunt… what the fuck!) object lethally deep in her rancid flesh!  🙂

Fucking retards.

In life I have come across some truly fucking retarded people… Of course, I don’t mean the actually mentally-retarded-people, those dribbling into their Cornflakes in the homes; no I mean those who have just scrapped by in school and somehow, by some fluke of the system, made it into working life.

So fucking retards. In work, we’ve been sent some temps, most of them are OK, but there are some fucking pearls of retards. Just sitting in the same room as them, by some process as yet unknown, I can almost feel my I.Q. dropping points by the hour, it’s all I can do to block their inane droning out with some well placed ear-phones and music at suitable volume; but then I look, even their fucking looks are stupid.

There is one girl in particular, lets call her “Stupidia” for the sake of it. Wow. Words fail me. She sits there for eight hours a day, whining with a complete lack of imagination that her job is hard (It’s not), then whilst whining, she is wearing what I can only describe as something even a Big-Brother contestant wouldn’t be seen dead in… A light blue plastic mac – yes ALL DAY she is wearing this ridiculous outfit. The effect is amazing – not once in my life so far would I have thought a simple combination of low-I.Q. and bad-dress could induce such a twitch-causing level of annoyance. Not even going to mention (sic) the day-glow nail paint. But there we have it, this happened.

Shouldn’t be against the law to put animals like her down, just double-tap to the head – such an act would increase the net value of humanity. I’m going to blame the bleeding-hearted-leftie-wankers for letting such an aberration past the finishing-post of pre-school… “Everybody’s got to get a prize, there aren’t any losers” – LYING BASTARDS – in this case Humanity as a whole has lost. Makes me want to cry.

And ….. Relax!

I still can’t decide about my new manager in work – on some fronts he’s an arse, on others he’s more than I could ask for. Hey, if there were nowt wrong, then there would be 😉

The end of year review has now passed, and I’ve had my end of year meeting – as by the previous statement, you’ll have deduced that I was mildly stressed by this process, especially after changing manager so close to the event. Worry not, I have been assured that I have been put forward as a very high performer in work – which is the equivalent of an “A Grade”. Don’t knock it, it’s important financially to me – based on the work during the year and subsequent grade I get a annual bonus which tops up my salary substantially…

Stress over – I’m taking the rest of the week off… well I say off, I mean I’m only going to tick-over, as opposed to my usual break neck pace of progress in work. 🙂

All good.

Work progresses, better than expected.

The new manager, Lee, has picked up the workload and is now doing the job he should, managing me, in work. So far he’s been pretty OK. People have warned that he can be a bit of a twat, but hey, gotta have an open mind. It’s “Personal Development” time of year, the time when we all scrabble around and big-up what we’ve been up to, or for some who shall remain nameless, it’s the time of year to make shit up.

Been doing some management-reporting tasks, and I have to say my eyes have been opened… Some people are really just trying to make shit up – the management aren’t blind, these fuckers won’t win lol… I think they’re a little stupid for trying!

Lee, the new manager, has given me the go-ahead to work from the other office, across the city, for a couple of days a week if I want – going to take him up on it I think – anything to make a change I suppose, until I get bored again. Mind, new faces and new problems won’t leave me feeling bored too soon 🙂

Round and round she goes, where she stops…

Time has not so much flown, as just vanished; the last couple of weeks seems to have been compressed into a blink… where do I begin?

Ever have one of those moments where you glance at a clock and you swear it’s moved backwards? I have them all the time, it’s probably my brain already looking ahead to what’s going to happen, then the reality catches up; either that, or I’m the only one to notice minor glitches in time. Makes me twitch.

Events are a good start. The following things happened…

Bought a new laptop for £300 from tier1online.com. Spent the entire weekend building the software up and getting everything exactly right – over 200 bloody updates from an unpatched newly installed Win7 64 Pro! Glad I take the steps to image the entire system at every stage… I could not go through that again. Mind for £300, I’m well happy with the purchase. Got an USB3 card from Amazon for £10, plus a disk caddy which fits in the CD bay for another £10, again from Amazon. To fit in the caddy, I have a 1 TB 2.5″ drive – all have now been installed and I am the proud owner of a laptop with an extra 1TB of storage 🙂

Visited the parents last Sunday, they’ve started to get the house in order, however a lot more work has to be done! Found dad a car online – we’re off on this coming weekend to go take a look and buy, if he’s happy with the thing. Nice looking car, a 03 RAV 4 with 74k on the clock. Just have to check the service history, as at that age the timing belt and water pump, plus clutch should have been done.

Work continues to be a gigantic clusterfuck, I have been told by a 3rd party that I have a new manager, this news comes one week off annual review time, so not the best in the world. It’s an issue that the news came via a third party and not from the new manager himself. I could be wrong, but this is a couldy start to an important relationship.

An edge of undue stress

Imagine the edge a great blade, bight silver for the most part, but dull and chipped in parts, a blade of unimaginable size, sweeping through the space, motion provided by some unknown swing, bisecting even the air in one great unending arc.

Undue stress. I have undue stress. Don’t know why. If I knew why, then it wouldn’t be undue. Is there anything such as due stress? Hummm.

The weekend was ace, no problems with the weekend. Shopping in the morning on Saturday, where I made My Wife happy with a small present of a Coffee Machine, and I say with a smile, it is a small price to pay for such 🙂 The remainder of the weekend was quite OK, kids dropped round with Peanut, who was a lot better behaved than the other week, we ate, a couple of take-outs – Kebab and Chinese, watched the X-Factor (Not a bad round up of talent!), a fine time.

The Sky box is fucked, despite a firmware download and reformat – Sky are sending out an engineer on the 5th October – £30 to fix it, even if we require a new box (Which I think we will).

Work was OK today, if slightly tiresome. Got most of the charity-shit preparation out of the way, all technical testing done and all the logins, both PC and telephony have been generated; just to survey the work-floor where it’s happening and prepare to disable the call-recordings on the night. Easy.

Tomorrow, work brings a visit to one of the other offices to sort some problems, Wednesday a visit to yet another office to test some systems in the afternoon. Thu is nothing, as yet. Fri is a training course I have to run for engineers in Africa.

The “Fucking Parents” have mostly moved back, only a little more of their crap to be delivered, plus exchanging a French shit-mobile for a real car, and they’ll be fully back. They’ve got the message that neither myself or My Wife are builders, and have made some kind of agreement to have an actual builder in to do builderish stuff, not badger it into submission – this is a good thing.

So, back to the subject of stress? Why do I feel unduly stressed? Why am I slurping from the alcohol nipple tonight (All be it low level consumption)? Meh. Time will tell.