@Spabbit Blog on the #BRExit result

imageI was scrolling through the blog, and came across the below article from 2016… I think that now, here years later, it has even more meaning. Blip in the timeline, or chaos on a stick with ketchup? We’ll be finding out soon – watch this country shaped space đŸ˜‰

Today, the UK has voted to leave the EU, the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron (A public-schoolboy upper society product who’s never lived in real-life) has resigned.… Continue Reading

Recipe page published!

LCHF Chocolate Peanut CakeAs you may or may not have noticed, I’m quite creative in the kitchen and am always trying out different recipes for most anything I can think of, from sauces, to deserts and everything in between. Due to my diet (So far, I’ve lost over 5 stone / 30+ kg in around 6 months on this!),… Continue Reading


Thought it was about time I started keeping a better record of my life than what has been captured by Facebook or Twitter; I mean, they’re OK, but hardly detailed when trying to look back and think where you’ve come from…

So it begins here…… Continue Reading