Happy Birthday, you cunt.

Here’s a may-you-burn-in-the-fires-of-your-self-created-hell-you-cunt to my biological mother on her birthday. Let it be known she was the lowest of the low, a cunt so rotten, if you saw her on fire, you’d go buy some petrol and pour, just to have a good time. I hope you died with realisation of your cuntishness and with knowledge that your son just plain didn’t give a fuck about your worthless child abusing life.

Ah. Feel better now.


Found this delightful article on the BBC today which compares fat people with hard core smokers and alcoholics… Seems they’ve fucked up again…

When was the last time a fat person got sent to jail after beating up their partner and kids for a sugar fix….

When was the last time you heard of a sugar junkie breaking in and robbing someone, then stabbing them in a sugar induced raged, spending the rest of their life behind bars?

When was the last time you saw a fat person on the street begging for a few pence for another Mars bar, having ruined their life and broken a family… McKinsey and Co & the BBC need to be brought up to speed on the ‘other costs’ involved, they need to consider just how FUCKING STUPID they’ve just revealed themselves to be….

They also need to be aware that not all fat people have health problems, not all fat people rely on the fucking NHS, some are just themselves, perfectly fucking happy, and quite healthy…

When the perfectly healthy out there randomly get cancer and are a huge burden on the country, do you hear fat people complain… No… Fucking junk journalism to say the least!


Next Stop: New Manager – all change.

I’ve finished work for the day, for the week. It’s been a while coming but today was, in work, the last day for my manager and a few colleagues of the same level and job title. Gave him a call today to say goodbye and the usual best wishes. It’s odd, but I never even saw my manager in person, despite being in that role for an entire year. Just after the last lot organisational changes, a travel ban was introduced, which put pay to any jolly to get together. Never mind, I’ve friended him on Facebook, so will still stay in touch.

I sometimes feel that the job is in free-fall, that it needs breaks, a ‘chute to stop it, before it goes splat. This is one of those times – they haven’t even filled the managerial post, and I know whoever gets the job won’t be as good, or as knowledgeable. Time will tell.

Work otherwise is very busy, I’ve got requests from loads of different directions, hardly any of which are part of my regular-role; the things I do for the bonus!

Finished part of the preparation work today for the charity event in mid October – took me a couple of attempts, but the phone system is now prepared! Now to activate 100 system accounts so that the volunteers can log on to the systems on the night; then deactivate the phone recording system so we don’t capture things we’re not supposed to… Oh my. In previous years my close work colleagues have done the lot, but since they’re all redundant, it’s down to sweet old me.

I don’t agree with the whole principle of charity – it’s always a sticking plaster on a problem, never a complete solution – charity as a whole is evil, because instead of resolving problems, it prolongs the suffering by allowing the proper institutions, such as governments, to get away with not fixing the problems properly and permanently. By supporting charity I am becoming the object of my distaste. Not by choice, in any circumstance, however my employer forces me into this situation as part of annual performance, and without it, I would suffer financially. I’m pretty good these days, however I have a small pool of seething anger directed at them for this hostile act. Meh. The one saving grace is that this is not a charity tied to any religion, if it were I would not be a part of it. Only religion, by it’s nature and design can be more evil than charity.

A run in with SGD Security on the road…

This is a good one, perhaps what is a minor win for the average motorist…

Driving home from work last night and had a near miss with an SGD Security van who undertook me on a dual carriage way and forced his way into a space only 6 inches larger than his van, between me and the car in front – complete wanker of a driver and a dangerous move to say the least!…

So when I’d returned home for the evening, I called SGD security and made a complaint. SGD security called back a short while later and said that the driver of the tracked vehicle was one they’d had trouble with, and he was driving back to the depot, after his last shift, so must have been angry.

Now, I’d like to believe this, I really would… But I have to say there is an element of doubt in my mind that the story is a little made up, I could be, and hope to be wrong, but aren’t 100% sure… Make of it what you will, but at least the company were good enough to answer the phone and be polite, which is all you can ask for really. No matter what the story, I think the driver will be carpeted by his manager for giving the company a bad rep!

Fight back, if a commercial driver bullies you on the road, make a point of contacting the company and complaining, it can only make the roads a safer place in the long run 🙂

Still off work, on the rant!

OK, so here I am today – I’m say around home doing not a lot, and the back / neck is annoying my beyond acceptable limits, so I call the doctor and make an appointment this morning. I am generally a respectful person and as such I turned up a few minutes for my appointment… The fuckers made me wait 55 minutes after my appointment time to see the doctor! 55 FUCKING MINUTES. And you know what, the singular most annoying thing…

Those fucking stuckup receptionists didn’t even bother to say anything… I mean if you’re running a customer facing system, which is almost an hour behind schedule, you’d tell your customers, right? You’d have the respect and courtesy to say “Hey guys, we’re about an hour behind, just warning you, so you can go do something else, come back, don’t waste your time waiting around, doing nothing”… NO, THEY COULDN’T BE FUCKING BOTHERED.

These fucking receptionists are the same fucking ignorant bastards which ignore you on a regular basis when you’re stood in front of them waiting. WHO THE FUCK do they think they are to treat the public in such a pathetic and disrespectful manner. You hear in the news that they get abused – I’m not fucking surprised, the way they collectively treat their CUSTOMERS. I was on the cusp of kicking off today myself, another 4 minutes and I might have started shouting at the ignorant bastards!

I can’t be the only one in the world fed up with this treatment and damn right disrespect from people who are, at the end of the day, Public Servants – in the UK, our tax and national insurance pay for these fuckers, we’re both the employers and the customers of these bastards!

bedroomfurnitureworld.co.uk and XDP, xdp.co.uk

One word: CLUSTERFUCK. What a complete nightmare I had dealing with these two.

To be fair though, compared to XDP, BedroomFurnitureWorld weren’t too bad.

The issue: Complete lack of communication.

– I ordered around £700 worth of furniture from BedroomFurnitureWorld.

The first problem was that I didn’t receive a confirmation from the order until I called them the following day and nagged.

Second problem, their choice of courier – XDP.

XDP – WORST EVER EXPERIENCE I’ve had when dealing with a delivery.

When they didn’t turn up on the appointed day, I couldn’t get hold of the buggers, the number they give you, 0843 178 2222 simply isn’t answered, I can now understand why – they’re COMPLETELY USELESS. Eventually my wife found a number from them on a complaint forum somewhere on the interweb – 0843 178 5555 (USE THIS ONE if you have to contact these “people”), at least that number got answered, and after several nagging phone calls we got somewhere, the second day of chasing.

Anyhow, the first day, the appointed day of delivery – We’d both taken the day off work to receive this delivery, we were told it could be any time between 08:00 and 18:00 (NO convenient window of delivery from them)… Come 16:00 I call XDP, or try to, as above, and can’t get through!; so I call the company, BedroomFurnitureWorld, they manage to get hold of XDP in a few minutes and call me back… As it turns out, this bunch of cowboys were “too busy” to deliver our consignment and couldn’t be bothered letting us know. That’s right COULDN’T BE BOTHERED, meaning their customers don’t mean shit to them. Further information from the operator from BedroomFurnitureWorld reveals that the XDP depots are largely unmanned, so once the drivers collect their deliveries in the morning, from a customer perspective, you’re royally screwed if you need to contact the cowboys.

On the return call from BedroomFurnitureWorld, they refunded the grand total of £19.99 for the delivery fee (I’ve yet to see this a week later – they say it can take 2 weeks – yet somehow they can TAKE money from you INSTANTLY), and apologised for XDP’s piss-poor performance. A third call and they’d magically booked in a Saturday delivery (The original was on a Friday), when XDP don’t do Saturdays.

Saturday comes. No sign of the cowboys in the morning. Tried calling BedroomFurnitureWorld again – no contact – “Customer Services” simply aren’t on a weekend (Read: FAIL). This is where we spend three hours googling the shit out of XDP – As it turns out, they’re widely known as scumbags all over the interwebs. WISH I’d known that BedroomFurnitureWorld used XDP and what XDP were like before ordering, really.

After the three hours of googling, we get a response (YaY!) from them – and they promise to deliver in the afternoon, which was actually completed. I’m still of the opinion that if not for the constant stream of phone calls from us on Saturday to XDP that we’d still be waiting, and be down £700 for furniture.

Anyhow, I e-mailed BedroomFurnitureWorld regarding the sham which is their choice of courier, XDP, and they e-mailed back two days later with an empty apology.

The point of this RANT is DON’T use ANY company which use XDP, if you do, in my opinion only, you’ll be damn lucky if you get your goods on schedule, or at all.

Just as a point – for a disclaimer – this is my own true-to-life experience, and all my own opinions, if you read this, then please go google BedroomFurnitureWorld and XDP for yourselves, and make up your own mind – all the information you need is out there already; don’t be put off, on any account, by my experience.

Doctor Who – Aimed a little low this time?

Used the BBC IPlayer to watch the latest Doctor Who… This is the third episode in Season 8 (The new series of course). Each episode I’ve cringed at some of the ideas which have been aimed at the 16:00 viewing slot. I’m not against making programs kid-friendly, but please, this is going too far now.

BBC – Please program for the adults in the audience… The whole kid-friendly vibe is kinda pissing me off – I mean as a child I watched a fair few episodes of Doctor Who which frightened the crap out of a younger version of myself… These days a four year old child wouldn’t be frightened!

The Doctor is scary and original, a British character, with British traits, which means from time to time doing really scary shit, and going up against real bad-guys.

Gourmet Society – STAY WELL CLEAR

I was ALMOST duped into taking out a membership for the Gourmet Society today, a nice offer came through for a year membership at 30 quid.

Very glad I Googled the shit of the potential rip-off-merchants. Just go have a read on the This Is Money Blog.

The Society try to get you to join BEFORE you know how many restaurants (Which you’d actually dine in) are in your area. As it turns out there are insufficient numbers to make it anywhere near worthwhile in Wales; and to boot the offers are (According to the reviews) never as good as the advertisement makes out.

So… If you do see an offer for these people – make sure you find out the facts before giving them your hard earned cash!

Attention Game / App Makers: PvP isn’t always wanted or welcome!

Dear Game / App Makers,

Every day I see offers for games, be it on the Apple or Google App Stores, or via Facebook or Steam… Really nice looking games; one fault – PvP. I don’t mind a little competition, say a league table, or some competition for limited resources in any given game; I do mind PvP.


I work for a living (Therefore have money to spend on games!), I don’t have the time to sit around all day and night guarding whatever I’ve accomplished in game from some doleite-scum who just sits there 24/7 and does nothing else.

I want a quiet relaxing experience without being on the edge of my seat that some arsehole with more time to burn than brain cells will come in with zerg-like force and nuke me from orbit.

I would willingly give money to purchase some of the titles I’ve seen recently, however I’ve not because of the forced PvP elements. FFS, Game-Makers – get the whole forced PvP thing out of your systems, and at least give your potential customer’s a choice of getting nuked by some doleite-scum or script-kiddie.

Yours truly,
A potential (And currently pissed off) customer.

Fucking Work…

Fucking Work? I hear you ask. Yes. Fucking Work.

This last week has been a major league PITA. Every day I have been stupidly busy, on three of days I actually did around an hour overtime per day, meaning to get this back on the fourth as I should have had the opportunity to, however it was not to be. And yes, this was ‘just’ a four day week due to the public holiday on the Monday.

You know, I work in I.T. – this means I should have a quiet life – I should be able to sit at my desk and do nothing apart from watch stuff on my iPad for hours at a time. The game had changed somehow in the last couple of weeks, I’ve not had a single fucking moment of downtime – I normally have a chance to update this blog during the working-day (During Lunch, of course!), but like fuck I have this last week, lunch has been just a dream! 🙁

My Manager is leaving in a few weeks now, so have begun handing work off to us peons – now whist I don’t mind too much as it will ensure a good grade at the year’s end, I can’t help think that if a manager was doing the work in the first place, then a manager should continue to do said work; I suppose it’s the same story as in every industry these days, less people and more work. Anyhow, between myself and a colleague, we’ve been made responsible for maintenance, input and general upkeep of the knowledgebase us engineers and the helpdesk-peons use. The Knowledgebase is a sizeable piece of work, and will, I hope, ensure the all important grade at the end of of the year. But fuck it all, I have to work lol 😉

Went out and about for work this week – was in Bristol on Thu and at one of the other offices in Cardiff on the Friday. Neither was too bad I suppose, I do actually like the staff in the Bristol office, and if in Cardiff I get to see my wife for half hour.

Bristol was OK, got there slightly late, and then had extra work to do in terms of hoovering up all the excess computers for return to my main office… Late leaving, hence the moaning regarding having to put in some extra time.

You’d think I’d be happy for the extra time, I mean time is money, right? Wrong – this fucking company won’t authorise the time, therefore I won’t get paid for it 🙁 I am however going to make a concerted effort upon my return to the office in a week (YaY – We have a week off work!), to do largely nothing and have some early finishes – if I don’t, it means the bastards have won!