An edge of undue stress

Imagine the edge a great blade, bight silver for the most part, but dull and chipped in parts, a blade of unimaginable size, sweeping through the space, motion provided by some unknown swing, bisecting even the air in one great unending arc.

Undue stress. I have undue stress. Don’t know why. If I knew why, then it wouldn’t be undue. Is there anything such as due stress? Hummm.

The weekend was ace, no problems with the weekend. Shopping in the morning on Saturday, where I made My Wife happy with a small present of a Coffee Machine, and I say with a smile, it is a small price to pay for such 🙂 The remainder of the weekend was quite OK, kids dropped round with Peanut, who was a lot better behaved than the other week, we ate, a couple of take-outs – Kebab and Chinese, watched the X-Factor (Not a bad round up of talent!), a fine time.

The Sky box is fucked, despite a firmware download and reformat – Sky are sending out an engineer on the 5th October – £30 to fix it, even if we require a new box (Which I think we will).

Work was OK today, if slightly tiresome. Got most of the charity-shit preparation out of the way, all technical testing done and all the logins, both PC and telephony have been generated; just to survey the work-floor where it’s happening and prepare to disable the call-recordings on the night. Easy.

Tomorrow, work brings a visit to one of the other offices to sort some problems, Wednesday a visit to yet another office to test some systems in the afternoon. Thu is nothing, as yet. Fri is a training course I have to run for engineers in Africa.

The “Fucking Parents” have mostly moved back, only a little more of their crap to be delivered, plus exchanging a French shit-mobile for a real car, and they’ll be fully back. They’ve got the message that neither myself or My Wife are builders, and have made some kind of agreement to have an actual builder in to do builderish stuff, not badger it into submission – this is a good thing.

So, back to the subject of stress? Why do I feel unduly stressed? Why am I slurping from the alcohol nipple tonight (All be it low level consumption)? Meh. Time will tell.

State of the Spabbit: Friday

This is going to be a general catchup – an overall State of the Spabbit address.

IMG_1415Heatlh: The back is still aching, however I have most functionality restored, I think this has been helped by the Gel from the doctors yesterday, plus the 800mg of Ibuprofen taken every fours for the last 20 odd hours. Looks like I may have been wrong to stay off the pain-killers. Meh, live and learn, or you don’t live long 😉

Did I mention Southern Comfort? I think the Comfort has helped a lot too…

Tech: The Ubahputer My Wife bought me some time ago is still continuing to amaze me as to what it can do, and how fast! Playing a lot of games over the last couple of days (Played a shitload of WoW today!), whilst I’ve been home on the sick – it’s played each one without breaking a sweat. Mind, 8gb ram, 13 tb online storage with 100% off-site backups, and an 8gb processor plus kick arse video card… 🙂

It looks like the GLITCH replacement Children of Ur is coming along very nicely, they’ve even managed to save the old setups for the the chars we all used to play! I so cannot fucking wait for this to be complete. I will give them money. PLEASE HURRY and bring back #Glitch!


Regarding the mobile tech – I’ve decided to hold back a little on iOS 8, I think I’ll wait perhaps a month until the first bugs have been ironed out. Talking of the iPhone, I had a cleanup this afternoon, and managed to fix the photostream whilst I was at it. Slightly smug and pleased!

Family: All is good. The Ginger Son has performed most of the pre-marriage stuff which he really needed to do, the rest is all fluff. The Granddaughter is going to be with us on the weekend, for the night on Saturday – good to give the Giggles a night off, I know she’s not been sleeping well at the moment. My Wife is happy, I think she is a little smug and gloating about the entire new bedroom we’ve managed to put together (Mind, it has cost in excess of £1,300 – money well spent though!) – and I’m with her 100% on it 🙂 The Parents are in the throes of moving, and so long as they don’t bother me for the moment, I’m happy with them, and for them!


Food: We HAVE to stop with the take-outs, it’s almost 4 out of five meals at the moment is either a Chinese, Indian or Kebab!!! Doing good – yesterday: Chilli, today: Lamb Steaks and fries. Don’t know about Saturday, but on Sunday My Wife is doing a family meal – roast – don’t know what roast, but a roast. See if I can persuade myself to cook something tomorrow as well!

Work: Apart from the fact my manager is getting made redundant a week today, and there is a massive reorganisation within the company, all is surprisingly good. If I can just get a successful handover with the new manager (Who hasn’t even been recruited yet!!!), and get my end of year grade and bonus…

Media: We’re close to finishing off the second season of Graceland, really enjoyable and gripping series – went through both seasons in a matter of a couple of weeks regular viewing time. I finished off Extant, which is a show around an invasion by evil space-spores, starring Halle Berry. Some great ideas in the show, and whilst this could of died in the middle of the run, the whole thing managed to keep my hooked right to the end, well recommended.

The next thing we’ll be watching together will be season 2 of Under the Dome – we’ve both been waiting for this season to finish screening so we can do the back-to-back episode run thing – can’t bloody wait!

Just a quickie between everything else will be Chasing Shadows, looks like an alright drama from ITV (It’ll do whilst we’re waiting for Scott and Bailey to finish off screening!)

About the only thing we’re watching on a weekly basis is New Tricks, I think we’re in season 11 at the moment – bloody long lived for a drama like this… The thing is, I think this will be last successful season – the reason I say that is a radio-announcement today that the one remaining member of the original cast, Dennis Waterman, is leaving :-/

    … Thus, The State of the Spabbit Address is concluded

Fucking Parents, looming impact.

So, the parents are a week out from landing back in Wales for good. Most of the construction style work they’ve been doing on the house is complete, and the international removal service is moving the rest of their shit within the week (Although, looking at what’s over already, I can’t imagine what!).

Dad is going to almost kill himself again with multiple runs in that fucking death-trap of a froggie van of his, mind this should be the last couple of runs for him. A part of me wonders if the lack of constant travel will be the end of him, or if he’ll just relax into a new life where he doesn’t do 40k miles a year. I know one thing for sure – when I get anywhere near his age, if I make it (30 years from now), I’m going to make damn sure I’m not under the same pressures and in the same situations as he is now. It was always said that to have a successful future, you must learn from the past, it’s taken this long to sink in!

Life will have to be carefully balanced between My Wife, who always comes first, the kids and now the parents. Going to be busy for sure. I think I may have to take the fall and go visit them on my own more often, or I think My Wife might have a minor melt-down; mind it wouldn’t be a bad thing (Visiting them, that is!), as My Wife would get a little more time on her own – on the other hand I could have that wrong, time will tell – I can only try to do the right thing…

Watch this space for news about the Fucking Parents Impact!

The week off

Well, as per the post regarding the week off and the death by take-out… I’ve had a week off, to spend in the wonderful company of my Wife, as was and still is my want. The PPI money came through, so the week off wasn’t under the usual constraints of both or either of us being broke; keeping this in mind, you’d think we’d have taken the bull by the horns and just went out or abroad, or even a weekend away. No.

For some reason that just didn’t happen, what did happen was that we spent a stupendous amount of filthy-lucre on wooden furniture, toys, meals out, takeouts and Stuff. From what I can remember, and by looking around, we bought:

  • A wooden chest, nice looking, sits next to my desk.
  • Two castrations for our kittens.
  • Two fairy figurines, one of which is actually a lamp.
  • Lots of chilli crackers, coconut mushrooms and chocolate brazils.
  • A replacement car radio for my Wife’s car.
  • Some Wind Deflectors for my car.
  • A few computer games and some PC software for Windows.
  • A new Wifi Access point… It’s shiny.
  • Around £1k worth of flat-pack real wood furniture for the bedroom! (Took 9 hours to assemble!)
  • A new 5 litre cookpot. This was half price in the UMCWS
  • Lots of booze!
  • A new ottoman for the front room from Dunelm
  • A noodle bowl for me to have noodles at work in lunch. It’s nice, and has a steam hole.
  • Two new bed-side radios (One of which turned out to be shite).
  • New cuffs from the antique store in Cardiff – The pumping station – the cuffs are shiny!
  • New desk/monitor pets, two cats, a tiger and a fish with some Tenby sand.
  • A new, very shiny, jewellery box for my Wife.
  • An enamel charm and silver chain for my Wife, the charm has Clogau Gold on it, she’s happy!
  • A Red Rose, hand made from Glass for my Wife, won’t wilt and will maintain it’s looks for all time.
  • Some carpet for the hall-way and a new front door mat.

… And I’m sure there is more Stuff, but for the life of me, I can’t remember just now. I think the highlight of the spending was the furniture – a new solid mango-wood bed, a 4 door wardrobe and two massive solid wood chests of drawers; the bedroom looks fucking immense now, and smells of so much wood that my Wife is almost getting high off it 🙂

I’m still on a good financial basis, two of my three overdrafts are still completely clear and it’s only just over a week to payday. Have the car booked in for a oli-leak-fix in a couple of days which might dent the remaining funds a little, but I digress.

Apart from the visit to Tenby to go have a mooch around the curiosity shop, Equinox, and have a some ice cream (As detailed a few posts back) we really didn’t go anywhere (Apart from all the fantastic meals out!), not counting the furniture shopping that is 🙂

We caught up on a few TV shows, Longmire and True Blood to name just a couple. I’m going to have to think a little more on what we did, maybe shove it in another post. Memory is failing now… you know, it’s odd, my short term memory, from now, back to perhaps a few months ago, is shockingly bad; my long term memory is better. Perhaps I should wait a few months and then record… lol… Don’t quite think I’ll take that risk.

Another day, another dinner.

Sunday has been and gone. As the second half of the weekend I suppose it wasn’t that bad. The morning was spent playing computer games and legally (sic) downloading materials from the Interwebs, and waiting. Waiting for what, I hear you ask, what could you possibly wait for on a Sunday? THE PARENTS.

Not the worst visit from the parents ever, however they both chose that day to bend my ear about each other… I can understand some of the points, but, fuck, I ain’t a marriage councillor! Anyhow after the ear bending they took myself and my wife out for lunch at The Three Elms, not a bad meal, but there was a slight atmosphere between the parents which degraded into open insults during the journey home. It is a persistently fucked up feeling when I have to tell my parents, in the back of the car, to shut the fuck up!

The meal out was worth the wait for, especially as they paid – I ended up having the Mexican sizzler, consisting of two chicken breasts, salsa, sour cream, served on a bed of fried peppers and onions, all with some chips and Doritos to go with. Don’t think it’s my favourite dish there, but was tasty all the same. My carnivore Wife (LOVE Wife!) had her usual 20oz steak 🙂

The remainder of the day was spent chilling and watching Maleficent (Yes I know it’s a Disney movie… But fuck it)

Weekend down!

Half way through the weekend, at the end of a largely do nothing day…

We had the baby all day, so we didn’t end up doing a lot – ate, watched random programs, finishing off the day with a family meal for us, the Ginger one and Giggles – a Chinese takeout provided by said Ginger one.

Managed a fair bit on the PC today – got the new webcam up and running after a few teething issues, backed up both mobile phones and organised the backup files a bit.

I have a choice of sausage sarnies or Singaport Fried Rice with Sweet’n’Sour Chicken for breakfast in the morning. Talking of tomorrow, it’s going to be the usual Sunday morning, then the parents are arriving at about 12:30, not all bad as they’re taking us for dinner at The Three Elms. Am dog tired now though, so it’s bed for me.

Isn’t it Friday yet?

The tail end of Tuesday is here, work was a PITA (Pain In The Arse) for the first half of the day, one thing after the other, and the best part about it – only a couple of the things I did in the morning, say 10 minutes worth, were actually my job. I can’t complain too much, at least I’m not sat there all day doing nowt. By the time lunch(?) came around at about 14:00 I had reach the CBA (Can’t Be Arsed) point, where motivation drops sharply to levels which can only be compared to the speed records set recently by superglued slugs. So one hour and a half lunch later (Remember: Nobody gives a fuck anymore), after reading the paper and munching some lamb samosas, I had only half hour left – that breaks up the day 🙂

Spoke to Dad and the step mother again this afternoon whilst on the extended lunch. Looks like she’s had a talk with him regarding the booze, lies and money – everything seems OK at the moment, but the real acid test will come on the weekend when they’re both over here – we’re (Myself and My Wife) meeting them on Sunday at the Three Elms – the step mother’s shout too!

I really hope that the progress they’ve made since the weekend, on the topics mentioned, is permanent – it would be a crying shame for them to go backwards again… I know all marriages have their problems, but they’ve always been one of those couples who argue constantly; when I was a child and with them during the holidays it was a big thing, I used to hate it. As an effect, much later in life, I’m almost incapable of having an argument with my own Wife, keeping calm in any given potentially explosive situation where my Wife has a, shall I say, “Strong” opinion on something in opposition to my own. Don’t get me wrong, I have “Lost it” on occasion, but rather than shout and scream, I’ve physically left the room/house, returning when calm enough to bring something useful back. Good change/effect or a bad one? It’s hard to say, but it is the way I am.

I’ve also been thinking about the splog today, I’ve decided to keep it private for the moment, private just for my eyes. I’ll probably give My Wife the opportunity to read after a few months, after all secrets are bad! Saying that, there is nothing I’d class as destructive here, and nothing of that nature I intend putting here either. I did discuss the idea of a blog with her, after discussing that a long time ago I used to keep one up, she was in favour of it, in general terms, I think! As previously said, the primary reason behind this is to record in more detail what happens in life, Facebook and Twitter, by their nature, miss a lot of stuff out, events, thoughts etc… It would be nice if I could keep this up, most days, for a year, as I’m 100% sure I’ll forget shit 🙂

Moving pains

Sunday morning was helping the father unload his packed van. Now I want to rant a little here as the van was packed full of shit. They’re moving from France and bringing shit with them. IKEA flat pack is the standard which most flat pack furniture aspires to conform to – do my parents buy IKEA which is cheap and excellent quality – do they fuck; instead bringing over the cheapest shit French flat pack shit they could find. They don’t seem to grasp the costs of moving the shit and the expected lifespan of the shit costs twice as much as getting IKEA to deliver some nice stuff.

So I’m aching from muscles I didn’t know I had through transporting a load shit which is just shit. To compound this the step mother calls me up on Sunday night complaining about the father’s drinking… Like I have any fucking control over the man. I love them both, but sometimes I just wish they’d be fucking normal!

Anyhow I bring the father back for some dinner… He doesn’t like what we’re having so I get some sausages from the local store, at the same time he picks up a bottle of wine as a present for My Wife, only he doesn’t have any money, so bums wine money off me… Lol parents.

My Wife was kind enough to drop the father back home, I rode along as a passenger – the father has been nagging for the daughter in law to come and see the new house… lol she wanted a shower after being there, and I can’t blame her… Mind it is still half a construction site.

We spent the rest of the evening watching House MD and trying to chill; my aching back woke me up later in the evening, so I had to finish off the night on pain killers. Talking of House MD, we’re almost done, only a few episodes of season 8 remain – it’s scary, we’re going to out of House soon!

Fucking parents.

Just a bit of history here before I go into why the parents are “Fucking parents”. When I was a lot younger my parents split, I was left with my bitch-whore of a mother who abused me in terms of religious (catholic) abuse for many years, she’s dead now (YaY!), and I’m still healing from the mental scars those years of abuse left me with.

My father on the other hand moved to France with my Step-Mother, that was about 25 years ago; now they’re moving back. Anyhow, moving back to 20 miles down the road, moving into a house which is going to turn into a “4th Bridge” project, where by they’re already well into the cycle of continual and eternal DIY on an epic basis.

He wants me to drive a 40 mile round trip on Sunday morning to unload a van. Yup, that’s right, unload a fucking van. Now I would never dream of asking someone this, yet for him, in his own mind, he is not a bad person for it – in his mind, it’s a normal request. To add insult to this, he wants it done at stupid o’clock. Yesterday he called to confirmed this and was surprised I wasn’t looking forward to this, and in fact I had a negative attitude (Is he real?). I work for a living, have only two days off per week to sleep in and spend with My Wife; he fails to see that. So “Fucking parents” – there you have it.

I’ll continue this thread when the van unloading has been done. He is still sulking that I’m not jumping for joy at this “opportunity”, I guess it’s a generation-thing.