The Furniture!

As mentioned in the last post, we’ve spent some of the money on new furniture – namely a new ottoman for the front room, and a complete load of Bedroom Furniture, yes, complete with capital letters!

The stuff replaced in the bedroom is as follows:

1 Bed – CheapISH pine bed replaced with a Solid Mango-Wood bed!

2 Bedside Cabinets – Office drawers replaced with 2 Oak bedside cabinets with three draws a piece.

2 Chests of Drawers – Solid pine.

1 Four door Wardrobe – Again, solid pine.

Total cost for the bedroom has been around £1,200 – cheap when you consider all we’ve got for it…

Flat Pack

(Yes, in BOLD) In bold because it was EPIC. The wardrobe came in three massive boxes and the draws in a box per set, epic self assembly was not mentioned on the website, yet it was the case – FIVE hours for two of us to put together the wardrobe! NONE of the parts were labelled – all guesswork 🙁 BUT it is one hell of a piece of furniture now fully built and filled with our clothes.

The Drawers, in comparison were a piece of piss – only (sic) two hours per set!

Anyhow… now for the Bed. The Bed had only just been delivered today, and is still in two massive and monstrously heavy boxes! The plan is to leave it boxed until the weekend, when, on Saturday I’m going to take a saw to the old bed and get rid of it in lumps (I’m not even going to entertain the idea of trying to take it apart normally!); once the old bed has been disposed of, we’ll unpack and build the new one. I’m thinking the whole task will take around two hours – fingers crossed!

The week off

Well, as per the post regarding the week off and the death by take-out… I’ve had a week off, to spend in the wonderful company of my Wife, as was and still is my want. The PPI money came through, so the week off wasn’t under the usual constraints of both or either of us being broke; keeping this in mind, you’d think we’d have taken the bull by the horns and just went out or abroad, or even a weekend away. No.

For some reason that just didn’t happen, what did happen was that we spent a stupendous amount of filthy-lucre on wooden furniture, toys, meals out, takeouts and Stuff. From what I can remember, and by looking around, we bought:

  • A wooden chest, nice looking, sits next to my desk.
  • Two castrations for our kittens.
  • Two fairy figurines, one of which is actually a lamp.
  • Lots of chilli crackers, coconut mushrooms and chocolate brazils.
  • A replacement car radio for my Wife’s car.
  • Some Wind Deflectors for my car.
  • A few computer games and some PC software for Windows.
  • A new Wifi Access point… It’s shiny.
  • Around £1k worth of flat-pack real wood furniture for the bedroom! (Took 9 hours to assemble!)
  • A new 5 litre cookpot. This was half price in the UMCWS
  • Lots of booze!
  • A new ottoman for the front room from Dunelm
  • A noodle bowl for me to have noodles at work in lunch. It’s nice, and has a steam hole.
  • Two new bed-side radios (One of which turned out to be shite).
  • New cuffs from the antique store in Cardiff – The pumping station – the cuffs are shiny!
  • New desk/monitor pets, two cats, a tiger and a fish with some Tenby sand.
  • A new, very shiny, jewellery box for my Wife.
  • An enamel charm and silver chain for my Wife, the charm has Clogau Gold on it, she’s happy!
  • A Red Rose, hand made from Glass for my Wife, won’t wilt and will maintain it’s looks for all time.
  • Some carpet for the hall-way and a new front door mat.

… And I’m sure there is more Stuff, but for the life of me, I can’t remember just now. I think the highlight of the spending was the furniture – a new solid mango-wood bed, a 4 door wardrobe and two massive solid wood chests of drawers; the bedroom looks fucking immense now, and smells of so much wood that my Wife is almost getting high off it 🙂

I’m still on a good financial basis, two of my three overdrafts are still completely clear and it’s only just over a week to payday. Have the car booked in for a oli-leak-fix in a couple of days which might dent the remaining funds a little, but I digress.

Apart from the visit to Tenby to go have a mooch around the curiosity shop, Equinox, and have a some ice cream (As detailed a few posts back) we really didn’t go anywhere (Apart from all the fantastic meals out!), not counting the furniture shopping that is 🙂

We caught up on a few TV shows, Longmire and True Blood to name just a couple. I’m going to have to think a little more on what we did, maybe shove it in another post. Memory is failing now… you know, it’s odd, my short term memory, from now, back to perhaps a few months ago, is shockingly bad; my long term memory is better. Perhaps I should wait a few months and then record… lol… Don’t quite think I’ll take that risk.

The Week Off and further death by take-out.

Yes. Week off. Just had the week off – this was, for us, the last holiday (Holinob) of the year, and one which I already miss and is already fading in my memory – so thought I’d better get some of it recorded before it’s lost in the mist.

We didn’t eat in once, no cooking; which makes me laugh as cooking is one of my ‘hobbies’. It was all a glorious combination of eating out, plus take-outs. As I recall the week was something like this:

Friday – Meal out at the Cinnamon Tree in Treforest

The meal here, as always was excellent – had the lamb starter to share between us, which was a massive pile of cooked and shredded lamb, lightly spiced and served with the usual pickles, I had the usual dhansak, whilst, from memory, my Wife had a madras…

Saturday – Chinese Take-out

Sunday – Meal out at the Three Elms with the Father and Daughter

Now the Horse as we know it, is one of our favourite restaurants, normally getting the perfect balance between a “pub” and a “restaurant”, however I can’t help but note the decline in standard of food lately – when we first started going to the Horse, the food was always cooked to perfection; however now it’s more than likely to have at least something wrong, overcooked or undercooked. We won’t give up on the place straight away, but when I’m spending around £150 there a month, I do expect a better level of quality and service.

Monday – a Harvester in the middle of the afternoon

Tuesday – The Savoy Inn on the way back from Tenby

This is out favourite stop on the way to or from Tenby, always a good bet for a quality pub lunch in pleasant surroundings, not too expensive either. I ended up with Fish’n’chips, and my wife had her usual favourite – steak 🙂

Wednesday – Chinese Take-out

Thursday – The Star Inn, Treoes

Arrived at 18:45 for a 19:00 booking, we were offered the table straight away. The staff seated us at a table near the bar, whist nice, this was a bit too public; however the waitress did say afterwards that when booking you can request whatever table you like.

The staff were very efficient, friendly and helpful without being overbearing, which are gold standard qualities.

Food was amazing, no other word for it. Everything was perfectly cooked and tasted out of this world. We both had the Filo Wrapped and fried Peri Wen Cheese Parcels for the starter, whilst for the main, mine was the Belly Pork Special, whlist my wife had the Lamb Rump – I ended up with the Malibu and Coconut Crème for Brulee desert… Truly Stunning – the pictures of the meal are at the bottom of this post.

The price was excellent, considering the quality of the food, I’d even go so far as to say lower than expected. £55 for two people, including a glass of coke, a lager shandy and two large glasses of wine.

– This place is a contender to take my business away from the Horse, the quality and service are AMAZING. We’ll have to visit more often to see which takes the title though! 🙂

Friday – Indian Take-out

Saturday – Kebab / Pizza Take-out

Talking of Tenby – the highlight of the day, food wise was the Ice Cream from Fecci’s – Stunning ice cream – pic at the end 🙂

… Only on Sunday did we cook as meal for the Father and his building mate, Bruno, which turned out to be Pork steaks and curley-fries with some beer battered onion rings on the side.

After that week, I feel like a need a diet and a break from pre-cooked food, no matter how good!!!