Have I Been Pwned?


You know, we all rely on our e-mail accounts for a host of other systems, and a compromised e-mail account could realistically hand over your entire life to a hacker.

Put it this way – in this age, your e-mail account is the keyring to your life; look after it well, and don’t let it fall into the wrong hands!… Continue Reading

Obsessive Compulsive System Checks (OCSC)…

Daily, Hourly, and perhaps every other minute I’ll check things, items, conditions. In my role as a geek, a systems engineer, I can’t help but compare my checks to systems checks – making sure all the components are there, all functioning correctly, all talking to one another, and no unexpected changes have occurred since the last check.… Continue Reading

I have my second games console!

IMG_3756At the age of four-oh-something… I now own a second games console!

I’m not counting the Wii. We, that is myself and my wife have a Wii, however I think it’s been used as a cat stopping bung (Stopping the furry little buggers getting into an otherwise open hole in the TV unit) more than as an acutal games console.… Continue Reading

Simple Fortune Script in vbs for wsh

Just been learning some scripting with MS Visual Basic (VBS) and the Windows Scripting Host (wscript), and wanted to recreate the Unix Fortune command in Windows to process a .txt file, such as below, and spit out a random line in a message box.

Born to be sold...
The Cheese plant has been stolen.
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