Good News: Fucktard has been fired!

In reference to the Fucking Retards Post

It has taken some time for the pure diamond-hard level of drooling Stupida to seep through the layers of middle management to HR, but it’s happened, yes, Stupida has been fired!

I believe the eventual reasons were that she couldn’t muster the will power to keep her rabid-shit-flap of a mouth closed when on calls, and ended up swearing at customers; and performing a role which has strict regulations, and fucking them up royally.

It’s excellent news for the company, I think the share-price might even rise.  On the downside for humanity, rumour has it that the fucking-drooling-chav-gypsy-queen-slag-bag is now working for British Gas; I pity the customers she’s now inflicted on.

Excellent news for me, I can once again feel comfortable in my working environment without feeling a continual need to bury the nearest sharp (Or blunt… what the fuck!) object lethally deep in her rancid flesh!  🙂


Found this delightful article on the BBC today which compares fat people with hard core smokers and alcoholics… Seems they’ve fucked up again…

When was the last time a fat person got sent to jail after beating up their partner and kids for a sugar fix….

When was the last time you heard of a sugar junkie breaking in and robbing someone, then stabbing them in a sugar induced raged, spending the rest of their life behind bars?

When was the last time you saw a fat person on the street begging for a few pence for another Mars bar, having ruined their life and broken a family… McKinsey and Co & the BBC need to be brought up to speed on the ‘other costs’ involved, they need to consider just how FUCKING STUPID they’ve just revealed themselves to be….

They also need to be aware that not all fat people have health problems, not all fat people rely on the fucking NHS, some are just themselves, perfectly fucking happy, and quite healthy…

When the perfectly healthy out there randomly get cancer and are a huge burden on the country, do you hear fat people complain… No… Fucking junk journalism to say the least!

The religious mind is a diseased mind.

A hallmark of the average religious individual is that when they’re confronted with a logical question about an action or opinion, they simply cannot resolve their action, always falling back on the reason “because”.

Today one of my friends (Yes, even I have friends with this disease), was very angry that someone dared to carry on working during the 2 minute silence they’d organised and taken part in to mark the end of the first world war. When I asked this person why they were so offended and angry at the other person, their response was simply “It’s disrespectful”, I asked them why – constantly their response was “because it’s disrespectful”… I found it hard to accept that my friend, a person who I actually like (Despite their disease), couldn’t express and reason why…

I happen to agree with them regarding the silence, but not for the same reason. You can’t show respect to the dead, they’re dead – they simply don’t care; however society as a whole likes to give the impression that they care – the silence for them is exactly that – for them, for them to think of perhaps their distant relative who’s life may have been altered or ended by the war. Further I asked this person if that in by trying to enforce the silence on someone who didn’t want to take part, if they were not disrespecting that person’s opinion and free will… Typically the person’s diseased mind regurgitated the same old excuse that “It’s disrespectful”… They weren’t even willing to engage in a dialogue which questioned them, or forced them to think for themselves for once. I am very sad for my friend, I know from experience that when the mind is that gone, there is no hope for them.

A lot of people who read this will no doubt agree with my friend and nothing, no amount of questioning will make them dig down and admit why they take part in a silence, or wear the poppy. Don’t take this the wrong way – I have no beef with people who do take part or wear the poppy – they have their own reasons which may or may not be valid, the important thing is the ability to question why and have a valid answer, not “because”. If you don’t know why you’re doing something, there is little point in being, you may as well be an automatic machine just following a set path with no meaning.

I questioned my friend, asking if “The silence” could be regarded as an individual decision, an individual choice, so that perhaps they could respect those, alive, next to them, who didn’t want to take part – her response was “no, it’s disrespectful”… If I didn’t laugh at them I would cry – it is as if they’d been programmed from an early age to spit out this answer (Well, I suppose they had!). The point that this article makes is that the religious mind cannot reason why properly, when faced with a moral choice or when questioned on their own choices, they cannot deviate from their set programming and go into what I like to call AES, Angry Error State, when confronted.

I admit, sometimes, I bate them into this state for amusement, but on reflection I am sad for them, sad their minds are captive to this disease. It’s my hope that in the future, the entire species can be free of the mental shackles imposed by a history of religious abuse.

Fucking Mythbusters

Yes, readers, that’s right FUCKING MYTHBUSTERS. Now if you know me at all, you’ll know the Mythbusters are my very own fucking-super-heroes, yes. What have they gone and done? Got rid of Kari, Grant and Tori – found out via Facebook this morning and am fucked right off by this shit. They’ve been on the show 10 years now and well… just fucking well.

Adam and Jamie have just said they’re going back to their ‘origins’, not a fucking hint about actually fucking WHY they’ve decided that the show is better on a two man basis. I feel that there has been something going on behind the scenes which has caused this – I think Discovery are too chicken-shit to actually make this public – the whole thing stinks 🙁


The close of Monday brought a very fucking nice letter from the bank, in a few weeks I’m going to be very well off, will be able to pay off some debts, get a few things here and there, and maybe a short holiday as well. I was kinda numb from the shock of the letter, kinda like I’d taken a step backwards, out of my skull!

I’m continually shocked by the numbers, by numbers I mean the amounts which are zipped around and “boom”, just like that, over half of my debts will be cancelled out. It’ll alter my long term plans somewhat. I did plan to eventually take redundancy from my job, knowing the payment would clear my debts outright and I’d be able to take a job of my choosing without having to worry too much about the pay. Saying that, I’ve some insurance, which means if I do get forced into redundancy, I get a grand a month for up to twelve months.

At this rate though I’ll be clear in a few years anyhow, and I speculate that the job will last at least another two or three years at least.

Anyhow, the events of Monday were boring, the end went boom, and I’m still trying to wrap my head around the whole thing. Don’t know how I’m going to concentrate today, I’m off to the Reading office with my colleague, Chris.