#Tesco #Annoying #crap

article-2281448-1784A919000005DC-517_634x413Today I posted a complaint to #Tesco on their Facebook page, it got deleted because it contained the word #crap. So, in this instance #Tesco have chosen to ignore their customer and instead chosen to become the language police.

So I, for one, won’t be using them, they will not receive any more of my money.… Continue Reading

BBC: Promoting violence and death.

BBCIt looks like the BBC has once again chosen to support violence, death and suffering with it’s continued support of religion, not even paying attention to it’s own survey of the views of the licence fee paying public.

It amazes me why society at large is still pandering to religious idiots, devoting public resources to them, and giving them tax exemptions. … Continue Reading


Just a warning to those of you who may have forgotten how rotten these private 192 ripoff bastards are:

I made ONE call last week, which lasted ONE minute, for a number I already had – only called on the off-chance they had another. FUCKING FIVE POUNDS SIXTY EIGHT PENCE, yes, £5.68 for ONE FUCKING MINUTE on the phone to these bastards!… Continue Reading