Been meaing to say

Another, and perhaps the most valid reason for this to exist is the fact that no matter how well you know someone, you don’t know their internal thoughts. Despite living with My Wife, the love of my life, for several years now I don’t know her inner thoughts – don’t get me wrong, I know her to the extent I can, you can’t know someone entirely as there are many views of a person per role they play in other’s lives. I know my wife from the point of a friend, a lover and a husband; but I don’t know her from the point of view of her son or daughter.

Anyway, I digress, she knows me from the point of a friend, lover and husband, in addition she’s seen some of my more professional side when I demonstrate my working knowledge of computers. What My Wife doesn’t know, although sometimes I suspect she has a hint of knowledge about, is my deeper level of inner thoughts, many of them are expressed here, or will be at any rate. It’s my hope that should something happen here, she’ll be able to access this and know, well, just know.

Little Friday

Don’t know why I look forwards to Friday so much, I mean it’s not the weekend, maybe the weekend eve. Thinking of the way may mind is working at the moment, I’m almost skipping days I in my head, both in terms of finances and the state of play. I start today and think since the day is started, there is only tomorrow and then the weekend. I never used to focus on the weekend so much, but these days it’s all I think of between Monday and Friday, I did once upon a time enjoy work to the extent I looked forward to it… Guess I caught up with the rest of the working populace!

Anyhow – today – Ever had those days when you’re busy all day, but don’t actually get a lot done? That’s my day today. My 6 monthly review with my manager this morning – all is good by the way – then four hour visit to another site to sort out their shit pile of problems. Back in the main office for half hour now before home time. Just discussing dinner with My Wife, I think I I’ve talked her into fish and chips (Where she has to have baked beans with hers – ick!). Going to see if I can get some Lemon Sole in the UMCWS (Upper Middle Class Wanker Store – Sainsburys)…

Just had news that the kids have booked their wedding for March 27th next year in the City Hall in Cardiff… A bit grand, but it suppose it is the first wedding for both of them, and I am happy for them both. They got the wedding rings yesterday, white gold with some patterned parts I think. I said to My Wife that the days is almost ‘tomorrow’ in terms of planning… Going to be I interesting how it comes off! I’ll be a proud father on the day, assuming the ginger one doesn’t fuck anything up 😉

Just to note… I called the bank today and asked about my ppi letter which they advised on the phone, should be with me by today… They didn’t have a clue! Will give them another week before I start having a go…

CBA day.

Ever had one of those days where you just couldn’t be arsed? Today, I’m having mine. Nothing particular is up, just the usual waiting for shit, namely payday, my ppi claim letter coming through (Just want to know if I have a claim, or not!), and the weekend.

Work continues to degrade into the meaningless pit of doom now that it’s the management don’t give a shit, I’m bored today with little to do. You may say that’s up to me to find work, but at the moment there is genuinely little to do, nothing available. Think it’s time for another extended lunch break!

My Wife txt me earlier on saying she’s bought me some new clothes – always nice when someone does that, it’s still strikes me how lucky I am 🙂

Isn’t it Friday yet?

The tail end of Tuesday is here, work was a PITA (Pain In The Arse) for the first half of the day, one thing after the other, and the best part about it – only a couple of the things I did in the morning, say 10 minutes worth, were actually my job. I can’t complain too much, at least I’m not sat there all day doing nowt. By the time lunch(?) came around at about 14:00 I had reach the CBA (Can’t Be Arsed) point, where motivation drops sharply to levels which can only be compared to the speed records set recently by superglued slugs. So one hour and a half lunch later (Remember: Nobody gives a fuck anymore), after reading the paper and munching some lamb samosas, I had only half hour left – that breaks up the day 🙂

Spoke to Dad and the step mother again this afternoon whilst on the extended lunch. Looks like she’s had a talk with him regarding the booze, lies and money – everything seems OK at the moment, but the real acid test will come on the weekend when they’re both over here – we’re (Myself and My Wife) meeting them on Sunday at the Three Elms – the step mother’s shout too!

I really hope that the progress they’ve made since the weekend, on the topics mentioned, is permanent – it would be a crying shame for them to go backwards again… I know all marriages have their problems, but they’ve always been one of those couples who argue constantly; when I was a child and with them during the holidays it was a big thing, I used to hate it. As an effect, much later in life, I’m almost incapable of having an argument with my own Wife, keeping calm in any given potentially explosive situation where my Wife has a, shall I say, “Strong” opinion on something in opposition to my own. Don’t get me wrong, I have “Lost it” on occasion, but rather than shout and scream, I’ve physically left the room/house, returning when calm enough to bring something useful back. Good change/effect or a bad one? It’s hard to say, but it is the way I am.

I’ve also been thinking about the splog today, I’ve decided to keep it private for the moment, private just for my eyes. I’ll probably give My Wife the opportunity to read after a few months, after all secrets are bad! Saying that, there is nothing I’d class as destructive here, and nothing of that nature I intend putting here either. I did discuss the idea of a blog with her, after discussing that a long time ago I used to keep one up, she was in favour of it, in general terms, I think! As previously said, the primary reason behind this is to record in more detail what happens in life, Facebook and Twitter, by their nature, miss a lot of stuff out, events, thoughts etc… It would be nice if I could keep this up, most days, for a year, as I’m 100% sure I’ll forget shit 🙂

Moving pains

Sunday morning was helping the father unload his packed van. Now I want to rant a little here as the van was packed full of shit. They’re moving from France and bringing shit with them. IKEA flat pack is the standard which most flat pack furniture aspires to conform to – do my parents buy IKEA which is cheap and excellent quality – do they fuck; instead bringing over the cheapest shit French flat pack shit they could find. They don’t seem to grasp the costs of moving the shit and the expected lifespan of the shit costs twice as much as getting IKEA to deliver some nice stuff.

So I’m aching from muscles I didn’t know I had through transporting a load shit which is just shit. To compound this the step mother calls me up on Sunday night complaining about the father’s drinking… Like I have any fucking control over the man. I love them both, but sometimes I just wish they’d be fucking normal!

Anyhow I bring the father back for some dinner… He doesn’t like what we’re having so I get some sausages from the local store, at the same time he picks up a bottle of wine as a present for My Wife, only he doesn’t have any money, so bums wine money off me… Lol parents.

My Wife was kind enough to drop the father back home, I rode along as a passenger – the father has been nagging for the daughter in law to come and see the new house… lol she wanted a shower after being there, and I can’t blame her… Mind it is still half a construction site.

We spent the rest of the evening watching House MD and trying to chill; my aching back woke me up later in the evening, so I had to finish off the night on pain killers. Talking of House MD, we’re almost done, only a few episodes of season 8 remain – it’s scary, we’re going to out of House soon!


Been watching a few of the latest movies during the last couple of weeks:

Captain America 2 – The Winter Soldier
Excellent, 10/10 for this one – a grand continuation of the storyline with seamless CGI and lots of action to boot. Never a dull moment 🙂

Need for Speed
Mr. Pinkman has transitioned into this new style of role with hardly a pause, however it did take me a while to stop expecting him to say “Yo”, and to stop looking for Walter around the corner. If you like fast cars and shit that goes boom, this is the movie for you.

This is a true SciFi movie, not just concerned with the CGI or effects, but actually has a look into a possible future with real ideas; this is a thinking man’s movie.

The Amazing Spiderman 2
AGHHHHH!!! What have the producers done! CGI Overkill… Really, that’s all I can say.

Karen Gillan and Katee Sackhoff in a first class performance, not exactly scary (Unless you’ve had lots of drugs, or not slept for three days), but wow 🙂

Another true SciFi move, not concerned with the mega graphics, but with the story and ideas; not saying the graphics were bad, they were world-class. Another movie to make you think!

Full now.

The weekend is progressing too fast again. Have been shopping with My Wife this morning, we’ve done Tesco, Home Bargains, Aldi and Pound Stretcher. Didn’t spend that much, but got what we needed; boring stuff, but hey, it’s part of live.

Lunch was had at The Three Elms, I did 12oz of burgers topped with bacon and cheese, My Wife had the usual 20oz steak with it’s usual trimmings and a half a bottle of wine to drink – I fucked up the order though, ordering a medium-rare steak, where as she wanted a medium well. One of those days – I’ve been fucking up all day, just minor stuff, but well… I am getting on a bit now.

The Son, his fiancée and the grand-daughter are here at the mo, they’ve all gone out into the garden, I can hear the grand-daughter giggle and cry from here – the sound of family.

Just talking of family, until a few years ago this wasn’t something I thought I’d have – my father’s family are pretty much non-existent, and I don’t have anything to do with those catholic motherfuckers on my biological mother’s side; but hey the saying that you can’t pick your family is bullshit 🙂

Took care of the cats (5 out of 6) this morning by flea-treating with that spot on stuff. Hopefully they’ll all be free in a week or so!

Moving on the rest of the weekend starts here, probably continuing to watch House MD, season 8 (The last one – Boo!) and generally chilling. Tomorrow morning brings the visit to Dad’s new place to unload his clapped out French death-trap of a van.

Fucking parents.

Just a bit of history here before I go into why the parents are “Fucking parents”. When I was a lot younger my parents split, I was left with my bitch-whore of a mother who abused me in terms of religious (catholic) abuse for many years, she’s dead now (YaY!), and I’m still healing from the mental scars those years of abuse left me with.

My father on the other hand moved to France with my Step-Mother, that was about 25 years ago; now they’re moving back. Anyhow, moving back to 20 miles down the road, moving into a house which is going to turn into a “4th Bridge” project, where by they’re already well into the cycle of continual and eternal DIY on an epic basis.

He wants me to drive a 40 mile round trip on Sunday morning to unload a van. Yup, that’s right, unload a fucking van. Now I would never dream of asking someone this, yet for him, in his own mind, he is not a bad person for it – in his mind, it’s a normal request. To add insult to this, he wants it done at stupid o’clock. Yesterday he called to confirmed this and was surprised I wasn’t looking forward to this, and in fact I had a negative attitude (Is he real?). I work for a living, have only two days off per week to sleep in and spend with My Wife; he fails to see that. So “Fucking parents” – there you have it.

I’ll continue this thread when the van unloading has been done. He is still sulking that I’m not jumping for joy at this “opportunity”, I guess it’s a generation-thing.