Death by Takeout, continued…

Well, as titled, the Death by Takeout has continued; only thrice in the last week have we cooked. Now, as said, I’m normally the good one, normally the one who cooks most of the time and says No to the allure of the fast food – this last week has been the hell-week work wise and I’ve just not been arsed.

Now, can I remember… Sunday I treated myself to some chilli sausages during the day, then cooked some steak which I found at half price in the UMCWS (Upper Middle Class Wanker Store – Sainsburys) with some creamy mushroom sauce and new potatoes – was very nice. Monday was some lamb sausages, again from the UMCWS. I think we were good on Tuesday as well, having some chicken steak things from Aldi.

Now, we get to the rest of this week, which is where the takeout-missiles start slamming in to the healthy diet with devastating effect: Wednesday – Kebab for my wife and double pizza for me (Double – a BOGOF – Buy One Get One Free offer, where I had half a pizza for lunch the following two days). Thursday – Chinese (You know, I’m actually starting to tire of Chinese takeout!). Friday – we went out to the Cinnamon Tree (Upper class Indian restaurant) in Pontypridd, another post there! Saturday – the daughter was down and my wife has the grand daughter, Peanut, so there was no cooking again (Mind, we were pretty knackered from the day!); and it brought yet another Chinese – my wife’s favourite of them all 🙂

Think we’ll probably be going out for lunch today with the Father, so Death by takeout (Or out-take?) continues… to be updated!

Death by takeout

Well… It IS payday and I have a little money left over…

Going to attempt ‘Death by Takeout’ this weekend. Have had a good run up this week already, Tuesday was pizza / kebab, Wednesday (Not strictly a take out), lamb burger and chips, Thursday Indian, Friday (Tonight) will be a Chinese. Might continue with takeout tomorrow, or might actually go out and find something. Either way, it’s payday, I’ve some cash, as my Wife would say, ‘Like fuck am I cooking’.

I’d normally (Try) to put my foot down a little, after all I have been REALLY fucking good lately, not this week, obviously! In this instance though… this time… I’m working overtime tomorrow, my wife is working overtime on Sunday, and to boot she is working on the bank-holiday Monday as well – I’m probably going to end up doing housework on Sunday… so in a short, well rehearsed phrase – fuck it! 🙂

Fucking Mythbusters

Yes, readers, that’s right FUCKING MYTHBUSTERS. Now if you know me at all, you’ll know the Mythbusters are my very own fucking-super-heroes, yes. What have they gone and done? Got rid of Kari, Grant and Tori – found out via Facebook this morning and am fucked right off by this shit. They’ve been on the show 10 years now and well… just fucking well.

Adam and Jamie have just said they’re going back to their ‘origins’, not a fucking hint about actually fucking WHY they’ve decided that the show is better on a two man basis. I feel that there has been something going on behind the scenes which has caused this – I think Discovery are too chicken-shit to actually make this public – the whole thing stinks 🙁


Working… Normally Friday is my “skive hard, play hard” day, where just enough work is done to tick-over; Friday however chose to follow the rest of this week in being an incredible PITA (Pain In The Arse) in terms of the quantity of work required. The net effect of the PITA is that I had NO time today to do fuck all else, and this makes me sad. Combined with the sad is the fact my back is aching like a bitch today and the MEGA-MASSIVE cat-scram on my left forearm is a sore little bitch.

Mind, it’s not all bad. Just got paid – the usual amount – nothing extra, but have had to shell out a shitload on the annual domain renewals. Sorted for the next two years though, four in some instances, still if it were not for my other massive payout I’d be very skint this month. Talking of domains, I’ve registered two of my ‘reserved’ .uk domains today – If you hold a domain, the .uk ones are currently reserved for you, however you have to register the new one with your existing registrar, which is a PITA all in itself. Mind, cheaper than one might think when using

You know, I didn’t have time to record anything yesterday, or maybe the day before as well, I really can’t remember – the brain is truly fried, feel like I’ve been through the wringer this week. Seems life all work and no play at the moment 🙁 Nothing of note happened for the last couple of days anyhow – Just continuing to wait for the actual money from the payout to be paid into my account, deciding on what and whom to spend it on, and of course working.

Managed to squeeze in an Indian take-out last night, seems like weeks since I’d had a decent curry – was absolutely gagging for one! Ended up with a Chicken Chilli Masala from the Taste Of Bengal in Pontypridd – wow, I fucking love those things 🙂

Going back to the subject of the payout money, I’ve decided, or should I say We have decided (I don’t make such choices without my Wife – always a good decision!) that I’m going to clear my main credit card, a little of a secondary one, plus my bank loan and catalogue; then give some to the Ginger Son, 1K to my Wife to spend as she sees fit and some to cover expenses for her car which has to have some maintenance performed, plus a new car-radio. With the rest of the money, I’m going to get a few ‘toys’ for myself, have some nice time eating out with my Wife, and a couple of small breaks starting in April Next year.

With regard the developing situations in work – The H/W provisioning has been outsourced to HP, had the training on how to deal with HP this afternoon, as I keep a certain amount of stock on site to aid in the break-fix process within my buildings. Seems straight forward enough, and I can only hope it remains so, for I’m sure we (All the desktop Engineers) will eventually be outsourced to HP. I know when this happens, after 2 years we’ll lose all of our current terms and conditions; straight away we’ll lose our company perks, but I might get a pay-rise out of it, or something. Not looking on it ass a bad thing, at the moment at least.

Working some overtime this weekend, supporting a bunch of users rolled out to the new system, only doing 4 hours tomorrow. Didn’t really want to, but it’s kind of playing the game – if I don’t take the o/t when available, then it might not be in the future – still can’t sniff at £101 after tax for 4 hours work.

Skills in use

For once in work I’m getting to use some of my more technical skills. Don’t get me wrong, in day to day activity I do tech stuff, but it’s normally more mundane and doesn’t give my inner geek a workout. The last two days though have been a little different – been resolving issues which have bugged one of our remote site since April. With the help of my colleagues we’ve got them sorted in just over 24 hours!

Hopefully we’ll continue with one of the other sites as well and have the same level of success.

Applied for a token today, this will allow me to work remotely / from home if needed. I think it’s a double edged sword, but one which I can certainly use for the more immediate of my duties.

Spoke to my manger today – I think he’s leaving at the end of September. Don’t want to lose him as he has been the best of the bunch so far. I’ll have to break I a new manager in October now, I hope that Marc will hand over to the new person well… Don’t wanna lose that bonus at the end of the year!


The close of Monday brought a very fucking nice letter from the bank, in a few weeks I’m going to be very well off, will be able to pay off some debts, get a few things here and there, and maybe a short holiday as well. I was kinda numb from the shock of the letter, kinda like I’d taken a step backwards, out of my skull!

I’m continually shocked by the numbers, by numbers I mean the amounts which are zipped around and “boom”, just like that, over half of my debts will be cancelled out. It’ll alter my long term plans somewhat. I did plan to eventually take redundancy from my job, knowing the payment would clear my debts outright and I’d be able to take a job of my choosing without having to worry too much about the pay. Saying that, I’ve some insurance, which means if I do get forced into redundancy, I get a grand a month for up to twelve months.

At this rate though I’ll be clear in a few years anyhow, and I speculate that the job will last at least another two or three years at least.

Anyhow, the events of Monday were boring, the end went boom, and I’m still trying to wrap my head around the whole thing. Don’t know how I’m going to concentrate today, I’m off to the Reading office with my colleague, Chris.

Another day, another dinner.

Sunday has been and gone. As the second half of the weekend I suppose it wasn’t that bad. The morning was spent playing computer games and legally (sic) downloading materials from the Interwebs, and waiting. Waiting for what, I hear you ask, what could you possibly wait for on a Sunday? THE PARENTS.

Not the worst visit from the parents ever, however they both chose that day to bend my ear about each other… I can understand some of the points, but, fuck, I ain’t a marriage councillor! Anyhow after the ear bending they took myself and my wife out for lunch at The Three Elms, not a bad meal, but there was a slight atmosphere between the parents which degraded into open insults during the journey home. It is a persistently fucked up feeling when I have to tell my parents, in the back of the car, to shut the fuck up!

The meal out was worth the wait for, especially as they paid – I ended up having the Mexican sizzler, consisting of two chicken breasts, salsa, sour cream, served on a bed of fried peppers and onions, all with some chips and Doritos to go with. Don’t think it’s my favourite dish there, but was tasty all the same. My carnivore Wife (LOVE Wife!) had her usual 20oz steak 🙂

The remainder of the day was spent chilling and watching Maleficent (Yes I know it’s a Disney movie… But fuck it)

First line support numptards!

Don’t know what is it about first line that makes them fuck up so much, I mean we all fuckup on occasion, but with them it’s hourly. Really gets me when they don’t do the basic checks or just plain get shit wrong. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, or you’re out of your depth, then don’t go further, just stop and think before you uninstall that software…

First line numptards have almost won today, by 11:55 I was losing the will to live… Laptop couldn’t connect to wifi… They’ve switched it off and on again and it didn’t work… MUST be a hardware error… Ermmmm did you bunch of specials check the network adapter in fucking control panel? Did you fuck!

Grrrrrrr RANT!

Weekend down!

Half way through the weekend, at the end of a largely do nothing day…

We had the baby all day, so we didn’t end up doing a lot – ate, watched random programs, finishing off the day with a family meal for us, the Ginger one and Giggles – a Chinese takeout provided by said Ginger one.

Managed a fair bit on the PC today – got the new webcam up and running after a few teething issues, backed up both mobile phones and organised the backup files a bit.

I have a choice of sausage sarnies or Singaport Fried Rice with Sweet’n’Sour Chicken for breakfast in the morning. Talking of tomorrow, it’s going to be the usual Sunday morning, then the parents are arriving at about 12:30, not all bad as they’re taking us for dinner at The Three Elms. Am dog tired now though, so it’s bed for me.

The weekend has arrived.

Will I be disappointed?

So many times I’ve waited and longed for the weekend to arrive and when it does, I’m disappointed; don’t know what to think most of the time, but hey, so long as I’m not in work with all the pressures. Today the pressure of work hasn’t been too bad – I set out to have a day doing largely nothing, which I must say, I accomplished fully 🙂 Went in for the usual time and proceeded to waste time on an epic basis; don’t get me wrong, I did enough to tick over, but nothing to stress even a single mental muscle.

Anyhow, I’m home and the weekend has kicked off gently with a sausage sarnie; now you may be wondering why the sausage sarnine? It’s due to the fact we have the grand daughter, Peanut, for the evening and the day tomorrow – this means we won’t eat until late, and the turkey breast lumps, plus doughnuts of the earlier parts of today wouldn’t have lasted until tonight’s pizza (The cheque I got earlier in the week is paying for a takeout tonight!)

We’ve finished off House as of last night – can’t believe we’ve watched the entire thing from beginning to end with hardly a break in programming in between! I’ve been obtaining some movies, yes, even chick-flicks for my wife, so we’ll probably have a couple of days worth of movies.

Weekend Ho!