Recipe – Creamy Mushroom Sauce

This is one of my favourite recipes to serve with the usual suspects of some cooked meat and new potatoes (Or whatever you want!). It’s a versatile recipe, you can add meat right into the sauce and then just pour it over chips, for example; and it will freeze for a few months if needed.… Continue Reading

Fucking Mythbusters

Yes, readers, that’s right FUCKING MYTHBUSTERS. Now if you know me at all, you’ll know the Mythbusters are my very own fucking-super-heroes, yes. What have they gone and done? Got rid of Kari, Grant and Tori – found out via Facebook this morning and am fucked right off by this shit.… Continue Reading

Israel and Pat Condell

Pat Condell and Israel.  Not saying anything, he seems to say it all.  I’m an Atheist, but can’t help see the point which Israel is making in defending itself at the moment.  It’s odd though, in the UK, the public opinion of the Israel / Gaza war is in favour of Gaza; I think it’s the mass of bleeding hearted leftie wannabe-wankers who can only see the stats in terms of deaths…  It makes me laugh when the same people are muslim-bashing when any terrorist attack comes on the news.… Continue Reading


Thought it was about time I started keeping a better record of my life than what has been captured by Facebook or Twitter; I mean, they’re OK, but hardly detailed when trying to look back and think where you’ve come from…

So it begins here…… Continue Reading