Spabbit’s top 3 Christian Slater Movies

So Gen-X cool. Aside from the usual flicks, Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, Goonies, Breakfast Club, there are these three gems - as a younger version of myself I was fascinated with 'em, and still occasionally re-watch, reliving those fond memories - Enjoy!

My Best Friend is a Vampire (1987) - It's a dry, darkly comedic take on the classic vampire tale, set in an era teetering on the brink of significant change. Picture this: a teenage lad, suddenly turned vampire, grappling with the absurdity of his new undead status amidst the mundane trials of high school life.

The film mirrors the undercurrents of the late 80s. It's a time marked by a sense of global unease, and a cultural shift towards the surreal and the absurd. … Continue Reading

When the fuck did I become an old man: the encore – le bis!

So here we are five years from the 1st "When the fuck did I become an old man?" article... We're already at part two, La deuxième manche!. It only seemed like yesterday @Spabbit was born, now it's almost 10, a fucking decade in the making, and I'm a decade older! (Yes, I tenaciously made it this far lol). So here it is: When the fuck did I become an even older old man!

Video Game Retirement: I'm in the cohort of Gen-X aging not gracefully, and still playing video games - Why Mario, that's a fine walking-stick you have there! … Continue Reading

Recipe: Spabbit’s Stupid Chicken Curry

This recipe will produce a curry which is thick & lumpy, targeted to taste somewhere between a madras and a jalfrezi, and usually served with a naan bread. It's not something often served in restaurants, however commonly found at home :)

Makes around five servings, easily scaled up / down. When tsp is referred to, this is an actual tea-spoon, not a "measure", however it doesn't matter as it's all relative. Make it hotter or milder by varying the amount of chilli powder, or swapping it for fresh chillies - the recipe is designed to be cooked when you need at home, with the majority of the ingredients coming from your kitchen cupboards. As always, this recipe is a base - it will get you in the ball-park, however every cook is individual, tune this to your own taste!

This recipe can be keto-friendly, obviously served without the bread - the spices do have some carbs, however the portion of the spices will be quite low in individual servings.Continue Reading