I have my second games console!

IMG_3756At the age of four-oh-something… I now own a second games console!

I’m not counting the Wii. We, that is myself and my wife have a Wii, however I think it’s been used as a cat stopping bung (Stopping the furry little buggers getting into an otherwise open hole in the TV unit) more than as an acutal games console. We bought it from our Son when he was skint or something, I can’t quite remember (Getting old am I?), around 2 yearsish ago. Anyhow, we have a Wii, but for this article I’m not counting it, OK?

So, at four-oh-something, I’ve gone and bought a second games console, the first being a Sony PSP, the second being a Nintendo DSi XL. I’ve had the PSP a few years – I first owned one in around 2004, but sold it around 2007, buying another off a work colleague in 2010/2011… Both were hacked, the current having a metric fuckton of games available. Despite having almost all the titles on the actual PSP disks bought off e-bay, it’s more convenient having them installed on a large memory card. Why Sony insisted on such a clunky format is beyond me.

I spent many a happy hour playing on the PSP, mainly in one of the various incarnations of Need for Speed (Which I originally encountered on the PC, back in the days when you had to have a second ISA addin card to enable proper 3d Graphics!)… The other game I played to death on the PSP would be (Of Course) Ridge Racer… Are you spotting a pattern here> Anyhow PSP – BRILLIANT little handheld console, fantastic graphics, and an expandable memory with the Sony Memory Stick things. back in the day, I did try make it do more than games, but there are better things these days!

Anyhow… second console at the age of four-oh-something I have gone and sought out a second console! I was talking to a colleague in work (Whom I’ve since given a good ribbing to), he mentioned a TV program in where a family were taken “back in time” and given only tech of a certain year to play with… There was a boy in the program who was given a Gameboy with Tetris, and was lost for a couple of weeks! So thinks I… I saw an old Gameboy Advance lying around in a box of stuff upstairs years back – so I went and found it… True to the memory it had a Tetris cartridge with it, and I had a go, and was promptly hooked again! Some games are just at home on specific consoles… I mean I have Tertis on the iPhone, and iPad, but it’s just not the same. BUT, the screen is small and dark – and hey, I’m old now, I can’t be doing with no tiny unlit screen… Hence the new purchase.

DSi XL… Yes I have a(nother) piece of legacy (Classic) tech – couldn’t wait to go buy from E-Bay or Amazon, so went into Cardiff the other day and got one from CEX for £45, which honestly isn’t that far out from the average on E-Bay… Plus they have a 2 year warranty. Games – I now have Tertis DS, New Super Mario Bros, MarioKart DS, and a few more. MarioKart. Where the fuck have you been all my life? I’m hooked. Fucking Nintendo, and my second console – fuck them all 🙂

Regarding the DSi in general – the graphics are lower res than the PSP, it’s larger than the PSP, and is generally slightly clunkier.

It does however have two screens, and the unique Nintendo usability and user friendly UI. The battery life, so far, is excellent. And it has MarioKart. Fucking MarioKart, it’s like fucking crack. MarioKart is low res, the graphics are nowhere near the standard of the NFS series or Ridgeracer on the PSP, but fuck, it has the gameplay above and beyond.

Whilst I’m hooked on MarioKart DS with the intensity of a junkie in the first stages of addiction, my Wife had gone all retro also, and charged up her aged DS Lite, again with Tetris… Spectrum HoloByte has a lot to answer for!

The closing comment is. It’s all about the gameplay, not the graphics.

… If after reading this, you really want a quick fix… You can play some of the TetrisGold from 1993 right here!

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