Motivational shit

Yeah, you’ll notice a lack of motivational shit here.

This is because I am / am not a cunt; depending on your view point. Yes, this is a #rant, don’t like rants… off you fuck to a quiet corner of the interwebs, otherwise read on!

“Kid, life is pain…” A well known quote from a well known Gena Davies film.

Her character is right – life is pain, and the only bargaining chip is time, it is literally the only thing we have – no matter what your Job and who you are – the only thing you’re getting paid for is the minutes of your life, and they’re in pathetically short supply. Trouble is your function isn’t unique, and you get chucked into a random labour pool where the rate per minute of your life is largely beyond your control- this is largely known as life sucks donkey-balls.

Motivational shit is a fucking lie, generally everything promised fails to materialise,or at he least turns into a steaming pile of bullshit. Are motivational memes an easy item to market to the genpop (yes, we’re all in one form of prison)?, or is motivational shit a tool of control for the ruling class? You tell me, have a think, and if you emerge angry, then you’ll have your answer.

As a side point – fuck sleep – sleep takes a silly amount of time in out limited lives, literally 8 hours from every 24 for a normal person… What a waste, what a tie to legacy biology, what a clusterfuck. Can you imagine the progress humankind would have made if not for having to sleep? I’ll leave that for another rant!

So motivational shit – what’s the fucking point, we’re all doomed to eventual death – it’s merely a question of luck and skill about how many minutes we’ll spend not having fun, and all ‘the heart asks pleasure first’ memes are worthless, as the realities of life will take over in the harsh light of day…. This reinforces the reality that motivational shit, is shit. The next time you feel the need to share motivational shit, don’t. Instead share something useful which will shave a few minutes from the trudge which is life for most of us, give us back a few minutes of pleasure which would otherwise be burnt on the altar of useless! At the bare minimum, share something fun which brings a smile to someone.

Don’t promote motivational shit, promote the altered states, getting off yer wee faces, that’s where the real goal of humankind is, relieving the consciousness of responsibility, all be it on a temporary basis – that’s where we triumph against the monstrous entropy – that’s the money shot, the butter zone, that’s where we all need to be.

This post isn’t motivational, it’s a statement and road map to not going batshit crazy, and an acknowledgement of the state of play; your move, Universe.