Weekend down!

Half way through the weekend, at the end of a largely do nothing day…

We had the baby all day, so we didn’t end up doing a lot – ate, watched random programs, finishing off the day with a family meal for us, the Ginger one and Giggles – a Chinese takeout provided by said Ginger one.

Managed a fair bit on the PC today – got the new webcam up and running after a few teething issues, backed up both mobile phones and organised the backup files a bit.

I have a choice of sausage sarnies or Singaport Fried Rice with Sweet’n’Sour Chicken for breakfast in the morning. Talking of tomorrow, it’s going to be the usual Sunday morning, then the parents are arriving at about 12:30, not all bad as they’re taking us for dinner at The Three Elms. Am dog tired now though, so it’s bed for me.

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