The era of woke-educational Dr Who is over!

Be gone you foul demons! Woke & Educational are not words which should be associated with the venerable institution which is Doctor Who. Jodie Whittaker and Chris Chibnall are off. The episodes of Doctor Who from 2019 until 2021 can only be described as abysmal and unwatchable by anyone over the age of 12.

My original recorded views back when this was originally on TV haven’t changed “The latest incarnation, where the doc has changed sex, and is played by Jodie Whittaker is abysmal – I will point out that is not abysmal because the doc is a woman – I was really looking forwards to it. It’s abysmal because it’s shit. The doc is over 900 years old, and what does she dress like – a fucking tramp – seriously? And what’s with the fucking history lessons – If I wanted a history lesson, I’d go watch the history channel. The next series best bring some genuine entertainment back, or it’ll be floating belly up in the swamp of TV-Despair with Dusty-Bin. BBC- Can’t you give this franchise to someone with morals > 1899, with more of a sense of humour and adventure than a brick?”

I hope with the recent departures that the woke, educational elements of the fine British institution of Doctor Who will finally die. Doctor Who should firmly reject the overt politically correct, woke, education elements – this is a program which is fantasy, science-fiction, adventure, action, hell – even a bit of romance. It has sinister elements which should keep childs awake at night. Doctor Who shouldn’t be fluffy. It shouldn’t be yet another vehicle for the BBC to shove mandated morals down our collective throats.

I do like Jodie as an actor – she’s excellent, and none of this rant is directed at her, or because the Doctor was a woman, no both of those things are awesome. All of my original critical comments stand – dress like a tramp, and give the world a (sic) white-washed version of history, no, just fucking no.

Bring back the spirit of Doctor Who from 2005, be gone, foul politically correct demon-scum!

Doctor Who | March 17, 2006 (United States) Summary: The further adventures in time and space of the alien adventurer known as the Doctor and his companions from planet Earth.
Countries: United Kingdom, United StatesLanguages: English

… and before you climb on a high-horse for politically correct woke morals and shit, this article falls in line with two elements of this site, rants and opinion, don’t like either, off you fuck. If you enjoyed this – you’re my people! Have a great day! 🙂

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  1. Completely agree 100%. In fact I stopped watching it after the first Jodie series. It was utter shite. I don’t need to know all this serious bollocks. We have The Express Newspaper to teach us WOKE and fluffiness. As a white Anglo Saxon (ex) Protestant I do not like being told what is best for me, what I should make financial reparation for that my ancestors did, and being told using cutlery is racist and colonial! Even cavemen used eating utensils. The BBC is not fit for purpose. I have not paid my licence fee for a year. I will not pay into a pot of overpaid tree hugging hypocrites l

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