Rant: The Spabbit is back & The state of 2021

Disclaimer: This article is largely ranty. If you don’t wanna read the rant, off you fuck to a boring corner of the interwebs.

COVID, decline in mental health, and having a bloody busy life has slowed down (read: glacial level) the pace of the Spabbit posts… win some, lose some, the Spabbit is still here, spabbiting up the interwebs. Now for some rants, one of the main topics of this site.

Fucking COVID. Where do you start? Well for one, fuck COVID. Number Two: When all this COVID shite started, we had real problems in the UK, you know – people dying and shit – nobody knew shit about getting over it, nobody knew shit about managing the virus, it was all stay the fuck home, don’t touch anything, don’t go anywhere, don’t fucking breathe. Then we got better at this shit – it’s airborne, so we can all touch stuff again, so masks, so silly rules made up by politicians.

Masks – Fuck me, what a load of bullshit. There are conflicting opinions on masks, do they work, and if so, how? Are all masks the same? What’s the purpose of masks in the public space? So, yes they stop spray from people. The medical profession say that it’s enough, that a reduction in range is good, perhaps it is, but at what cost? Other, equally qualified scientists are like “Well, it’s all bullshit, outside of a professionally fitted N95 mask, it’s less than 1% reduction in transmission (certainly at the start of the pandemic that was worth it!), as whilst a cloth filtering mask may stop droplets, it just doesn’t stop the virus”. Wow – who the fuck do you accept is right?

For me… Well I’m one of the lucky ones, and I’m fortunate enough to speak for all of my friends and family (which I give a shit about) – none have (officially) caught the virus, none have died, nothing that I’m aware of. Mind saying that I still have a strong gut feeling that this virus passed through us all (by us, I mean me and mine) at the very tail end of 2019, and that this thing was a fuckton more wide-spread than was publicised at the time. Still precautions and pain had to be endured until a bigger picture on a national level was thought up. For me, masks are a complete disaster, not so much physically, but mentally, I can’t be doing masks. Don’t get me wrong, I mostly respect those who do chose to wear them for their various reasons – just can’t do it personally. I say mostly, as you see masked-up people on their own, in their private cars – with the windows closed – lolz – some people just haven’t thought it all through.

I still stand by my original article on this from early 2020 – at the time, we had to isolate, and stop this.

Which brings us to the current time. Now, it’s all about the vaccines – Go get vaccinated if you’re not going to possibly kill yerself with allergies and adverse reactions to the vaccine. And don’t listen to the clearly criminally insane, no computer chips (maybe fries for the Americans), no 5g, no government tracking (they have other methods muhahahaha!), no fucking conspiracy – in the harshest light of science – vaccines work – don’t be a fucking numpty – go get vaccinated. In the future, the relatively healthy will probably get enough light exposure to this (and everything else), they’ll get away with their immune systems being “naturally” poked and just survive.

So the majority are, or will shortly be vaccinated – let’s get out there, mingle and live life – let the glorious pot of other viruses and shit that can be passed between us human animals go again, let’s lick each other. Seriously, yes – how the fuck are we to maintain a hint of immunity to COVID or other bugs without continued contact – people need to lower their shields, as otherwise when inadvertently breached, their shields will be weak via lack of exposure.

Let’s burn the politicians at the stakes (not literally!), ignore their bullshit often generated and enforced on us (remember: they’re now civil masters, not servants), and get the fuck on with shit.

There will be some people who will strongly disagree with this point of view – they will have their own problems. However… with the advent of herd immunity which will be a real thing (if it isn’t already) to COVID (and think of the massive-scale of under-reporting of community infection, recovery and immunity), they will eventually be able to get back to it as well. Remember – Flu kills 20,000 vulnerable people in the UK every year, and nobody says a thing. Other viruses and diseases will kill many times that, but nobody says a thing. In a few scant years this focus will become a memory, COVID-19 is already been talked about in the past tense as a killer in the developed nations, “an acceptable reoccurring respiratory illness which will hit every year, mainly taking the aged vulnerable amongst us”, just like the flu. Guess we as a collective species recognise that there are things out there which limit society, and even though we may not talk about it openly, death is the ultimate part of life.

**End (this) Rant!