The weekend has arrived.

Will I be disappointed?

So many times I’ve waited and longed for the weekend to arrive and when it does, I’m disappointed; don’t know what to think most of the time, but hey, so long as I’m not in work with all the pressures. Today the pressure of work hasn’t been too bad – I set out to have a day doing largely nothing, which I must say, I accomplished fully 🙂 Went in for the usual time and proceeded to waste time on an epic basis; don’t get me wrong, I did enough to tick over, but nothing to stress even a single mental muscle.

Anyhow, I’m home and the weekend has kicked off gently with a sausage sarnie; now you may be wondering why the sausage sarnine? It’s due to the fact we have the grand daughter, Peanut, for the evening and the day tomorrow – this means we won’t eat until late, and the turkey breast lumps, plus doughnuts of the earlier parts of today wouldn’t have lasted until tonight’s pizza (The cheque I got earlier in the week is paying for a takeout tonight!)

We’ve finished off House as of last night – can’t believe we’ve watched the entire thing from beginning to end with hardly a break in programming in between! I’ve been obtaining some movies, yes, even chick-flicks for my wife, so we’ll probably have a couple of days worth of movies.

Weekend Ho!


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