Been meaing to say

Another, and perhaps the most valid reason for this to exist is the fact that no matter how well you know someone, you don’t know their internal thoughts. Despite living with My Wife, the love of my life, for several years now I don’t know her inner thoughts – don’t get me wrong, I know her to the extent I can, you can’t know someone entirely as there are many views of a person per role they play in other’s lives. I know my wife from the point of a friend, a lover and a husband; but I don’t know her from the point of view of her son or daughter.

Anyway, I digress, she knows me from the point of a friend, lover and husband, in addition she’s seen some of my more professional side when I demonstrate my working knowledge of computers. What My Wife doesn’t know, although sometimes I suspect she has a hint of knowledge about, is my deeper level of inner thoughts, many of them are expressed here, or will be at any rate. It’s my hope that should something happen here, she’ll be able to access this and know, well, just know.

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