Recipe: Cheesy Garlic-Spam hot sandwich!

This is a game changing lunch sandwich, and takes only 20 minutes end to end – which makes it ideal for those workers who are now working from home! This tastes as filthy-good as it looks, I wouldn’t be disappointed to receive this from the best of burger-vans or pubs!

Enjoy this game changing delicious lunch sandwhich – This took me only 45 minutes from start, cooking, eating, and turning it in to a blog article!

  (Makes around 1 delicious portion)

  • 2 slices thick sandwich bread
  • 4-6 4mm ish slices of Spam
  • 1 slice burger cheese
  • 1 stick of garlic butter
  • sauce (chilli?) to taste
  • 1 medium or large egg
  • small amount of oil for frying the egg


  • Melt the butter on your flat-top, lay Spam and bread in the butter and let cook to your preference, flipping as required
  • Lay the cheese slice on one slice of the bread, topping with the Spam and (chilli) sauce, other slice of bread on the top
  • Fry the egg as preferred, and lay on top
  • More sauce, and you’re good to go
    Note: I’m fortunate enough to have a flat-top griddle for this, however you could do this in a large pan, cooking the elements separately.

Trust me, this is a game changer, quick, tasty, delicious and awesome! 🙂