Big shout out to Chin and Choo, from Ziangs Oriental Food Workshop

Here’s a massive shout-out to Chin and Choo from Ziangs Oriental Food Workshop!

I’ve been following Chin and Ziangs Oriental Food Workshop on YouTube for an age now, Chin is a very experienced Chef who passes on his and his mother’s, Choo’s recipes and tips from many years of running oriental takeaways. I’ve learnt an incredible amount from watching the main channel Ziang’s Food Workshop, and highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking of cooking oriental food, as Chin covers everything from the basics to the masterpieces.

Chin and Choo also run their own online shop which is the go to place to buy your oriental foods online, you know all those things you can’t get in the supermarkets, like potato starch for example, well you’ll be able to buy in abundance from Chin and Choo’s online store,

And the book! The Chinese Takeaway Cooking Bible is an epic collection of recipes from Chin and Choo who have a combined experience of 70 years cooking and owning them.

The book tells you in very clear steps how to make recipes in your own kitchen. You know when you try to make the Chinese dishes at home, and fail? Well buy the book, watch the YouTube channel, pay attention and you’ll hit perfection. With the recipes Chin and Choo provide some context to them, which I find invaluable. You can buy the book, and even a signed copy from the online store,

Aside from the main channel, Chin has some side projects on the go, with a more natural feel:

  • Chin’s vlog – Here lies treasure in the form of epic rants, and Chin’s world view 🙂
    #chinrant #msgmassive #nsfw
  • Chin Cooks Stuff – This just launched YouTube channel is a much more informal cooking channel where Chin just cooks and experiments – epic as usual.
  • Ziangs Oriental Food Workshop Patreon – So if you appreciate all the free entertainment and knowledge from watching the YouTube channels, why not support Chin and Choo via their Patreon channel, and get some extras at the same time!
  • Finally Chin’s own Patreon – Chin’s #chinrant channel on YouTube.