#Apple Location Services #Privacy surprise #iOS14

iOS 14 brings many advantages, and as one my previous articles points out, some surprises! As a friend noted, here’s a new one sneaking in through the privacy filters…

Apple have introduced a “Precise Location” switch to all apps where location is used, meaning that there are two potential locations being sent to an app, depending on the switch. When “Precise Location” is enabled, it’s just like before iOS14, and your exact location is sent to the app. If the switch is toggled off, only an approximate location will be sent.

It’s a great feature, however potentially poorly managed in that Apple have left it on by default, meaning for example a weather app will continue to have your precise location, not an approximate one which actually needs.

So to view the app list where location services are enabled, select Settings > Privacy > Location Services

Assuming you have Location Services on (It’s pretty sensible to do so usually), the list will detail what permissions the apps have in terms of Ask for permission, Never allow, Whilst Using allow, or Always allow. Clicking through into an app will let you toggle the new switch “Precise Location”.

So the wise thing to do here is review all the application permissions, it’s a quick and easy thing to do – I personally don’t want applications which only need an approximate location knowing my exact location. It’s always a good idea to go through this list periodically and review all location access.