#COVID One Way Systems #Bollocks.

What bright fucking spark had the idea of one way systems inside buildings?

Seriously, I want to know – the dumbest element of humanity has a new king!

If you’re a planner, consider the following as examples where this is a complete fail:

In a pub or shop or shopping-centre / mall where the walk-way is narrow, and by narrow, I mean comfortable for two people to walk side-by-side. A one way system… lol – everyone is facing everyone else when using that walk-way, which has now been split into two with no barrier apart from a piece of tape on the floor. Everyone is breathing into each other’s faces front on – let that sink in for a moment.

In a pub or shop where there is a sign on the toilet door, “one out, one in”… even more lol – You’ll have a queue of people close together, all coughing on each other, all waiting for the person who isn’t in the toilet to come out.

In a building where instead of having a simple instruction of using the shortest route between your work station and the other resource you want to access, you’re instructed to do a tour of half the building to get back to your workstation, passing by maybe 200-300% more people than you would have otherwise done, getting infected, infecting etc…

Where one-way might work is where there are massive segregated spaces available. lol. Nothing in the UK is massive with lots of segregated space available, we’re a tiny island, we will never have that amount of room inside.

So, if you’re a planner, trust the people – tell them “Stay the fuck away from each other”, “Wash your hands”, “Use Masks”, “Use hand-gel”… Don’t be silly, don’t be proud, admit your one way system is a failure, and fix it.

Personally, me, I’ll break your one way systems, and in doing so, I won’t pass 200-300% more people than I would if I’d followed your system; I’ll stay the fuck away from other people, wash my hands, wear a mask where necessary, and use hand-gel – you’re welcome.