Do the right thing, not the easy thing.

This is a public service rant, one with an impassioned cause. You’re welcome.

These are the times in which we all need to make hard choices, the right choices. In making the right choices, individuals may come off worse from the fight; some may pay the ultimate and horrific price of dying alone – away from any shred of human interaction or support. Loved ones, friends, families, they’re all separated by something which can’t be touched, something invisible, something void of emotion, and with a singular deadly purpose. It’s human tragedy at best, and in the end will be an enduring testament to the resilience and sacrifice of those among us who have done the right thing, not the easy thing.

Those doing the right thing are standing up, or aside as the need arises, ensuring the safety of theirs and the wider human race as and when required. You know who you are, your life isn’t the same any more, and the drastic realisation of the pending mortalities surrounding you has struck like a spear to the heart. Fight or Flight, only this is Support, or Isolate. Doing the easy thing would be to bury your head in the sand, continue life as if nothing had happened, but those who are doing the easy thing – they’re death incarnate, wearing an invisible cloak spreading this plague among humanity without remorse. Shame on you, you monsters, doing the easy thing.

There’s hope, always there is hope. Don’t do the easy thing, stop and think of those who you’re endangering, the lives you’ll touch, and destroy. Just stop. Just keep your distance. It’s not about you. Those doing the easy thing, paying the price with their individual mortality, they’re selfish beyond words – they’ll probably be loved and valued, and their deaths will hurt others as surely as a stab wound to the heart. Of course those recently deceased who did the easy thing (the monsters), they’ll inevitably have been responsible for the deaths of thousands.

One break in the chain of infection. One break is amazing. The impact of that potential for all those lives to remain unscarred, for humanity to pick up its sorry carcass and emerge once more to toil away at life and love, that’s amazing.

Just imagine if 2 didn’t happen, if the sum of deaths were limited to 1. That’s still one entire life and everything which goes with it, it’s still wrong; but they’d have done the right thing. It’s a much better look, 1.

The other look is ugly.

1, Just one person.
2, A couple – a mother and a father.
4, Mom, Dad & the Kids.
8, Mom, Dad, Kids & Grand-kids.
16, Your office.
32, Your office, and a few families.
64, Maybe your company.
128, Your side of the street.
256, Your Village.
512, An entire office block of people.
1024, Unimaginable.

Unimaginable is the scale of suffering and death that we have at the moment, all over the world, every day is unimaginable. Don’t do the easy thing, don’t be a harbinger of the end of days, do the right thing, break the chain, don’t be an unimaginable monster.

If we all break the chain, we’re all doing the right thing, we’re heroes not monsters.


  1. Very well said. I shall share this so it can get to the Monsters that are walking amongst people every day. They are that selfish though, it may not make a difference, but if one person does take notice ……?

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