Fucking retards.

In life I have come across some truly fucking retarded people… Of course, I don’t mean the actually mentally-retarded-people, those dribbling into their Cornflakes in the homes; no I mean those who have just scrapped by in school and somehow, by some fluke of the system, made it into working life.

So fucking retards. In work, we’ve been sent some temps, most of them are OK, but there are some fucking pearls of retards. Just sitting in the same room as them, by some process as yet unknown, I can almost feel my I.Q. dropping points by the hour, it’s all I can do to block their inane droning out with some well placed ear-phones and music at suitable volume; but then I look, even their fucking looks are stupid.

There is one girl in particular, lets call her “Stupidia” for the sake of it. Wow. Words fail me. She sits there for eight hours a day, whining with a complete lack of imagination that her job is hard (It’s not), then whilst whining, she is wearing what I can only describe as something even a Big-Brother contestant wouldn’t be seen dead in… A light blue plastic mac – yes ALL DAY she is wearing this ridiculous outfit. The effect is amazing – not once in my life so far would I have thought a simple combination of low-I.Q. and bad-dress could induce such a twitch-causing level of annoyance. Not even going to mention (sic) the day-glow nail paint. But there we have it, this happened.

Shouldn’t be against the law to put animals like her down, just double-tap to the head – such an act would increase the net value of humanity. I’m going to blame the bleeding-hearted-leftie-wankers for letting such an aberration past the finishing-post of pre-school… “Everybody’s got to get a prize, there aren’t any losers” – LYING BASTARDS – in this case Humanity as a whole has lost. Makes me want to cry.

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