The Birthday Week.

It’s here. The Birthday week. The pressure is on. All over the world, the majority of people will be planning that day, you know the one, I’m not even going to say it. It’s my Birthday. Not to claim a deity complex, it just happens to be the same day. Apart from the reasons going back through 36 years of religious abuse, it’s a bad time. It’s a time for people to build their expectations, get stressed about them, and later, explode.

I’m doing my best, performing at peak efficiency in the mental damage control dept, controlling what I say and do this time of year to match with the people around me, trying to limit the internal growls. I know my Wife appreciates my efforts, and I think, hope, I’m doing well.

Thinking of moving the Birthday to another date in the year, to once less stressed. I did suggest Feb 30th, however I don’t think the idea was appreciated to the fullest extent. Yes, that was humour.

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