Mind on fire.

When the world fades, when the music inside seems outside, when the point of focus is there and nowhere else. Light, dark, deathly quiet and immensely loud, anything can happen, everything is happening, detail is the landscape, time is the traveller, seconds the pulse.

I miss the concentration when it’s gone, and so hard, so hard to get back there to the place which isn’t.

I’ve been told, and realised, from time to time, that I live a lot in my head. Not nearly enough sometimes. I envy myself each time I’m forced out into the violence which is most of existence. Reality is heavy, things take time and are fixed points, not fluid.

I’m finding words difficult in describing the thought universe, they’re too limited, I could write thousands of words, they would mean nothing compared to a single moment of absolute focus. I guess some people take drugs to achieve the moment, perhaps stretch it out too far. Can’t be doing drugs for that, stretch the moments and everything else will cease. Mind on fire.

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