Reasons why I’m not a c*nt

Reasons why I’m not a c*nt.

This is going to be a short article.

Erm… maybe.

Yeeeee nah, I’m a c*nt really.

Click the link below. You’d better like swearing though. There’s a fuckton of swearing, and for the less educated amongst you, that’s like 1000 shittons. So if you don’t like professional industrial level swearing which would put a roughneck to shame, or if you’re a snowflake, then scroll on by and have a nice life, otherwise read on.

We’re surrounded by cunts. Seriously, the next time you do anything which involves humans which aren’t your other half (And maybe who are!?), just take a moment to step outside of the situation and realise their cuntiness. You know the people who on the surface who’re friendly enough, but you know they’d stab you given half a chance of getting away with it. You’re probably alive due to the fact that ‘The Purge’ isn’t real. Yet.

Which leads me to wonder what would really happen if ‘The Purge’ was real. Lol. Blood, chocolate, cheese and maybe cum. You never know how cunty people can get. Is being cunty a core component of being human, is being cunty merely an evolutionary step – a selfish component of the species which transcends morality as we know it?

Anyhow, I’m a cunt when the time and motion demand it. I’m the one you hate, the driver who speeds down the empty inside lane and cuts up some slow footed wank womble who didn’t make it to their accelerator in time… I’m the cunt which will bypass a mile of queuing and go around the roundabout saving like 20 minutes of my life. But there’s the issue. We all do it. Don’t lie. You too. You’re a cunt, even if you’re a cunt only once and a while, you’re still a cunt. We’re all cunts.

Anyway I’ve just defined humanity as a bunch of cunts. Now… where to go next. Situational awareness – it’s fucking amazing. Well. Maybe a little like one of them dreamy art-house piece of crap movies which nobody understands. Stop and think. Is being cunty a superpower, or is realisation and opportunity to choose the level of cuntiness the superpower. Is the superpower the ability to see in a clear light who is a cunt at any given moment? Do we choose to be cunty to the cunts, or do we blast the quim-faced-cunts with so much nice that they crumble to dust like vampires in the sun?

Lol, I’m writing this and not even drunk. Fuck.

Anyhow when I’m not being a cunt… where was I going with that sentence again?

Loyalty and duty are fucking real, and I have those qualities by the fuckton, however treachery and treason will get you the flip side. No fucking joke, don’t give a fuck who performs the ultimate betrayal, you won’t see me for dust, because I’m that cunt – the cunt who says it as it is. Keeping it real.

Laugh or cry or turn your nose in disgust at articles such as this. If you made it this far, I’ll bet you’ll go fucking think, and if you’re the people I think you are, there will be a wry smile slowly forming as the cunty thoughts settle in the more twisted parts of your consciousness!

Cunt hard and eat your cereal with a fork in the dark, my cunty cunts!