And ….. Relax!

I still can’t decide about my new manager in work – on some fronts he’s an arse, on others he’s more than I could ask for. Hey, if there were nowt wrong, then there would be 😉

The end of year review has now passed, and I’ve had my end of year meeting – as by the previous statement, you’ll have deduced that I was mildly stressed by this process, especially after changing manager so close to the event. Worry not, I have been assured that I have been put forward as a very high performer in work – which is the equivalent of an “A Grade”. Don’t knock it, it’s important financially to me – based on the work during the year and subsequent grade I get a annual bonus which tops up my salary substantially…

Stress over – I’m taking the rest of the week off… well I say off, I mean I’m only going to tick-over, as opposed to my usual break neck pace of progress in work. 🙂

All good.

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