An evening at The Bear.

Img_1577My fantastic Wife, after a period a few days off four years, has mentioned to me, after my own discovery, that we live around the corner from a village full of pubs. What fantastic news! Pubs! I moved here after the last pub in the immediate area had closed (Makes me sad!). The pubs ‘around the corner’ are a five minute drive away, so either means one of us staying sober, or having a taxi back.

One of the pubs, my discovery of the night, is The Bear, in Llantrisant. The Bear is a small independently owned and run pub, with an attached mini-restaurant – for want of a better expression, a small gastro pub. The menu isn’t mega amazing, a quite small menu, however what is unusual is that the dishes are all freshly prepared on the premises – no bought in frozen, pre-cooked food!

We had some dishes from the special menu, and wow – just fucking wow. The food came to £22 a head, the drinks were average priced – soft drinks supplied in cans though :-/ We will be going back again – best go early or book though as I feel this can be one very busy little pub. Now I have to, I have to, explore the rest of the pubs in the village full of pubs; this mission may take a couple of months, but, I feel it’s my duty 😉

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