Work progresses, better than expected.

The new manager, Lee, has picked up the workload and is now doing the job he should, managing me, in work. So far he’s been pretty OK. People have warned that he can be a bit of a twat, but hey, gotta have an open mind. It’s “Personal Development” time of year, the time when we all scrabble around and big-up what we’ve been up to, or for some who shall remain nameless, it’s the time of year to make shit up.

Been doing some management-reporting tasks, and I have to say my eyes have been opened… Some people are really just trying to make shit up – the management aren’t blind, these fuckers won’t win lol… I think they’re a little stupid for trying!

Lee, the new manager, has given me the go-ahead to work from the other office, across the city, for a couple of days a week if I want – going to take him up on it I think – anything to make a change I suppose, until I get bored again. Mind, new faces and new problems won’t leave me feeling bored too soon 🙂

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