Weekend almost here, up 50 quid!

The day in work is in it’s last 10 minutes or so. Not the worst week ever, all considered. I’ll have to spend some time getting used to the idea my manager isn’t going to be around much before he goes in September. Working unsupervised hasn’t historically bothered me much, I always get the work done, but am always tempted to take the piss with longer than strictly allows breaks etc. Today wasn’t too bad, only a short shopping trip the local Lidl store in the lunch before parking up and reading The I newspaper for a while.

I won a raffle in work today, the prize is a shiny cheque for £50, which will make waiting for payday in two weeks a more bearable experience and also allow a weekend meal at The Three Elms. Looking forward to their Surf, Turf and Super Cluck!

The coming weekend holds a shopping trip, some housework, perhaps a quantity of White Rum, a meal out, and some movie / PC gaming time; as always, the weekend will be too short…

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