A new branch of Math

Query: Branch? Is Math a tree? Can I be a tree? Do I want to be a tree, and if so, what tree? Cherry? Would I have cherry-math-branches? What colour cherries would be on the branch? Is three a colour? (Welcome to my head) 😉

Anyhow, this branch of math is a specialist field, one taking into account a couple of variables and is capable of predicting the requirement and the type of takeout required. Yes, this branch of math centres on takeout.

The variables are: Current Mood, Desire and Get-up-and-go. The sum I employed yesterday was 1+can’t_be_arsed=kebab. Today’s equation was remarkably similar, in fact it was the same, only more oriental as we ended up with a Chinese, and a Chinese breakfast for me, for the morning. 🙂

I’ve been doubly lazy in the cooking dept this week – on the weekend I got the ingredients for my noodles, which I’ve been practising making, pic below.


The point is, I need to cook more, but the math has taken over for the last few days. Meh, the weekend is close.

One thought on “A new branch of Math”

  1. Take away’s used to be a treat and I admit I did use them as a lazy fallback, you are an awesome chef and your random meals are to die for. I am actually getting to the point where I am fed up of take away’s. The mere fact that I don’t want to cook after a 12 hour shift is pure laziness on my part. I do however remember YOU saying that ” if I love you, I’ll cook for you”. I know you love me and I’m not expecting gormet meals every night, but please cook for me. I am your greatest fan x

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