A new branch of Math

Query: Branch? Is Math a tree? Can I be a tree? Do I want to be a tree, and if so, what tree? Cherry? Would I have cherry-math-branches? What colour cherries would be on the branch? Is three a colour? (Welcome to my head) 😉

Anyhow, this branch of math is a specialist field, one taking into account a couple of variables and is capable of predicting the requirement and the type of takeout required. Yes, this branch of math centres on takeout.

The variables are: Current Mood, Desire and Get-up-and-go. The sum I employed yesterday was 1+can’t_be_arsed=kebab. Today’s equation was remarkably similar, in fact it was the same, only more oriental as we ended up with a Chinese, and a Chinese breakfast for me, for the morning. 🙂

I’ve been doubly lazy in the cooking dept this week – on the weekend I got the ingredients for my noodles, which I’ve been practising making, pic below.


The point is, I need to cook more, but the math has taken over for the last few days. Meh, the weekend is close.

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  1. Take away’s used to be a treat and I admit I did use them as a lazy fallback, you are an awesome chef and your random meals are to die for. I am actually getting to the point where I am fed up of take away’s. The mere fact that I don’t want to cook after a 12 hour shift is pure laziness on my part. I do however remember YOU saying that ” if I love you, I’ll cook for you”. I know you love me and I’m not expecting gormet meals every night, but please cook for me. I am your greatest fan x

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