Round and round she goes, where she stops…

Time has not so much flown, as just vanished; the last couple of weeks seems to have been compressed into a blink… where do I begin?

Ever have one of those moments where you glance at a clock and you swear it’s moved backwards? I have them all the time, it’s probably my brain already looking ahead to what’s going to happen, then the reality catches up; either that, or I’m the only one to notice minor glitches in time. Makes me twitch.

Events are a good start. The following things happened…

Bought a new laptop for £300 from Spent the entire weekend building the software up and getting everything exactly right – over 200 bloody updates from an unpatched newly installed Win7 64 Pro! Glad I take the steps to image the entire system at every stage… I could not go through that again. Mind for £300, I’m well happy with the purchase. Got an USB3 card from Amazon for £10, plus a disk caddy which fits in the CD bay for another £10, again from Amazon. To fit in the caddy, I have a 1 TB 2.5″ drive – all have now been installed and I am the proud owner of a laptop with an extra 1TB of storage 🙂

Visited the parents last Sunday, they’ve started to get the house in order, however a lot more work has to be done! Found dad a car online – we’re off on this coming weekend to go take a look and buy, if he’s happy with the thing. Nice looking car, a 03 RAV 4 with 74k on the clock. Just have to check the service history, as at that age the timing belt and water pump, plus clutch should have been done.

Work continues to be a gigantic clusterfuck, I have been told by a 3rd party that I have a new manager, this news comes one week off annual review time, so not the best in the world. It’s an issue that the news came via a third party and not from the new manager himself. I could be wrong, but this is a couldy start to an important relationship.

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