Next Stop: New Manager – all change.

I’ve finished work for the day, for the week. It’s been a while coming but today was, in work, the last day for my manager and a few colleagues of the same level and job title. Gave him a call today to say goodbye and the usual best wishes. It’s odd, but I never even saw my manager in person, despite being in that role for an entire year. Just after the last lot organisational changes, a travel ban was introduced, which put pay to any jolly to get together. Never mind, I’ve friended him on Facebook, so will still stay in touch.

I sometimes feel that the job is in free-fall, that it needs breaks, a ‘chute to stop it, before it goes splat. This is one of those times – they haven’t even filled the managerial post, and I know whoever gets the job won’t be as good, or as knowledgeable. Time will tell.

Work otherwise is very busy, I’ve got requests from loads of different directions, hardly any of which are part of my regular-role; the things I do for the bonus!

Finished part of the preparation work today for the charity event in mid October – took me a couple of attempts, but the phone system is now prepared! Now to activate 100 system accounts so that the volunteers can log on to the systems on the night; then deactivate the phone recording system so we don’t capture things we’re not supposed to… Oh my. In previous years my close work colleagues have done the lot, but since they’re all redundant, it’s down to sweet old me.

I don’t agree with the whole principle of charity – it’s always a sticking plaster on a problem, never a complete solution – charity as a whole is evil, because instead of resolving problems, it prolongs the suffering by allowing the proper institutions, such as governments, to get away with not fixing the problems properly and permanently. By supporting charity I am becoming the object of my distaste. Not by choice, in any circumstance, however my employer forces me into this situation as part of annual performance, and without it, I would suffer financially. I’m pretty good these days, however I have a small pool of seething anger directed at them for this hostile act. Meh. The one saving grace is that this is not a charity tied to any religion, if it were I would not be a part of it. Only religion, by it’s nature and design can be more evil than charity.

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