A mixed weekend

This weekend just gone has to be one of the most mixed weekends I’ve had for some time now. I was in pain for most of the weekend due to the bad back, but fuck it, I wasn’t doing nothing for the weekend… So we ended up going to the market in Splott, which turned out to be shit… Just nothing there 🙁

So we leave the market and have the great idea of skipping Tesco and going to Adsa, which was all good, but on the way home we were delayed over an hour in roadworks, which made the back pain even worse… Stopped off for dinner, where I had to wait half hour at the bar to order food – you can see where this is going, more bad back and a lot of frustration, for both My wife and myself.

Moving on, we had Peanut for the weekend, who due the mood of her mother (Her grandfather died!), was in a bad mood herself, and seemed to me to be continually crying. A baby crying is a mega horrible sound to me, and I just can’t do anything whilst a baby is crying, throws me off completely, everything has to stop! So I was grupmy and upset for the rest of Saturday and Sunday morning… The daughter was also down, and to be honest, I’m not all that relaxed around her since the alcohol fuelled event of a couple months back. Long story cut short – a bit of a blow up, but with happy ending. We were up most of Sunday night drinking, I managed a bottle of Southern Comfort, my Wife did a couple of bottles of wine!

Taking of the daughter, I do plan on getting back on a more even footing, but it’s going to take time, and possibly more exposure than usual.

Anyhow, started good, went bad because of a couple of factors, and ended up good.

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