Still off work, on the rant!

OK, so here I am today – I’m say around home doing not a lot, and the back / neck is annoying my beyond acceptable limits, so I call the doctor and make an appointment this morning. I am generally a respectful person and as such I turned up a few minutes for my appointment… The fuckers made me wait 55 minutes after my appointment time to see the doctor! 55 FUCKING MINUTES. And you know what, the singular most annoying thing…

Those fucking stuckup receptionists didn’t even bother to say anything… I mean if you’re running a customer facing system, which is almost an hour behind schedule, you’d tell your customers, right? You’d have the respect and courtesy to say “Hey guys, we’re about an hour behind, just warning you, so you can go do something else, come back, don’t waste your time waiting around, doing nothing”… NO, THEY COULDN’T BE FUCKING BOTHERED.

These fucking receptionists are the same fucking ignorant bastards which ignore you on a regular basis when you’re stood in front of them waiting. WHO THE FUCK do they think they are to treat the public in such a pathetic and disrespectful manner. You hear in the news that they get abused – I’m not fucking surprised, the way they collectively treat their CUSTOMERS. I was on the cusp of kicking off today myself, another 4 minutes and I might have started shouting at the ignorant bastards!

I can’t be the only one in the world fed up with this treatment and damn right disrespect from people who are, at the end of the day, Public Servants – in the UK, our tax and national insurance pay for these fuckers, we’re both the employers and the customers of these bastards!

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