Fucking Parents, looming impact.

So, the parents are a week out from landing back in Wales for good. Most of the construction style work they’ve been doing on the house is complete, and the international removal service is moving the rest of their shit within the week (Although, looking at what’s over already, I can’t imagine what!).

Dad is going to almost kill himself again with multiple runs in that fucking death-trap of a froggie van of his, mind this should be the last couple of runs for him. A part of me wonders if the lack of constant travel will be the end of him, or if he’ll just relax into a new life where he doesn’t do 40k miles a year. I know one thing for sure – when I get anywhere near his age, if I make it (30 years from now), I’m going to make damn sure I’m not under the same pressures and in the same situations as he is now. It was always said that to have a successful future, you must learn from the past, it’s taken this long to sink in!

Life will have to be carefully balanced between My Wife, who always comes first, the kids and now the parents. Going to be busy for sure. I think I may have to take the fall and go visit them on my own more often, or I think My Wife might have a minor melt-down; mind it wouldn’t be a bad thing (Visiting them, that is!), as My Wife would get a little more time on her own – on the other hand I could have that wrong, time will tell – I can only try to do the right thing…

Watch this space for news about the Fucking Parents Impact!

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