Still off, not quite the good life…

So, took today off work on the “sick” due to the bad back. Fucking back kept me awake half the night again – I stayed up later than usual yesterday, until around 23:00, managed to get a couple of hours in, but woke up numerous times in the night. I was awake at 04:45 again, and stayed awake! My wife nailed my night when she txt me this morning, she noticed quite a few “fucks” last night… “Fuck” when I woke up swearing under my breath!

Anyhow, I’ve largely being making the effort to do jack-shit today – harder than you might imagine, considering the fair amount of activity of the last few weeks. Played a few computer games (Whilst sat in a very good chair!), WoW, Omerta – City of Gangsters, Plants -v- Zombies; also watched some TV – The first episode of the new Bad Education – always funny, a motorway documentary which I thought would involve some cops – it didn’t, and finally a movie The Edge Of Tomorrow. The movie, whilst having the nutter (Cruise) in it, was amazing; despite him being a nutter, he is still a damn good actor and managed to carry this movie through the parts which should have been slow and a turn off, into a successful and exciting end. I’d been debating around watching this for some time, however I’m glad I did.

My Wife will be home from work soon, so time to go order a kebab and perhaps prepare to settle down for the night with some liquid anaesthetic to soothe my entry into what-I-hope will be a decent night’s sleep, the first for a while. Will still call in sick tomorrow, just to give the back a little more recovery time.

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