Off work…

I have been suffering from a bad back; it all started on Saturday night / Sunday morning (It’s now Tuesday), although I suspect the Ikea trip and subsequent humping, plus all the flat-pack-fun of the last few weeks might have been a build-up.

Sunday morning I awake with a stiff neck… Nothing unusual there, but then I go do a silly thing – reach up high to get a clock off the wall… OUCH! Since then I’ve been in pretty much constant pain, I’m able to sleep but only in durations of 40 minutes to an hour at a time.

I was in work yesterday, an easyish day spent in Reading with my colleague, TheCat. Today though – a regular day in the office. I cut the day short about an hour ago after reaching the point where it was counter-productive, trying to stay in work that is – I was turning into the bad-back zombie – time to split. First time I’ve been off work in a whole year though.

So I’m home, trying to limit the things I do and just rest… But it’s the middle of the week… rest 🙁

Might write up some missed events of the last couple of weeks; no harm in that, right?

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