… And that was the weekend…

Here and gone again in a shorter time than I might imagine, The Weekend, the GRAND two glorious days of freedom, the in-between days, the days where one doesn’t trudge. But gone it is.

Struggling (As usual) to remember what happened, but this time, I have clues, grand pictures as at the bottom of this article!

The day part of Saturday was a little frustrating; whatever I’d imagined myself doing on Saturday morning, you know, things like a nice breakfast, some downloading / gaming etc… Didn’t happen. After the complete exhaustion of Friday night (Chopping up and old bed and building the new one in 2 hours!), I was perhaps more zombie than me. Anyhow, it happened that there was blur between getting up and going out, I think it lasted a few hours, but I can’t remember the blur very well, or it wouldn’t have been a blur. Anyhow, post blur I find myself and my good wife at Uplands Audio in Cardiff – we discussed and agreed to have the second-hand-new head unit bought from e-bay, fitted to her car. The woman wibbled on for a bit, said things like £35+VAT, and one o’clock. My head said: PUB.

Then there was PUB. The pub in question turned out to be The North Star on North Road in Cardiff. Breakfast was had; oh such a breakfast I’ve not been fortunate enough to see before in my life – it was cooked, by cooked I mean fucking perfectly. Bacon of crispy resolve as never before tasted or seen, perfectly cooked everything else, sausages, tomato, egg, mushroom and toast. Wow. I’m still in recovery – it almost brought a delicate tear to my eyes, such was the perfect nature of the breakfast; my wife agreed without reservation – best breakfast, ever. As the Breakfast been cooked in a pub, I was able to have a couple pints of Cobra with it. Wow. REALLY need to do that again.

Pub-time, as pub-time does, evaporated in a cloud of bliss and it was time to pick up the car. I’m glad to say the people at Uplands did a good, if slightly pricey, job of fitting the new unit. My wife is now enjoying an endless audible carousel of her favourite music, whilst hammering down the roads between Cardiff and here, at a rate which is only slightly exceeded by her fuel needle going down…

Saturday drudge continued in Ikea (NEVER do this on a Saturday afternoon!) where some furniture was bought and duly delivered to the children, together with a chest of drawers which I only just managed to ram into the back of my little car!

And we wizz forward to the point where we’re both back in the house, the kids have been seen to and the time, the remaining weekend-time is finally ours. And the point of this? Time for Spabbit-Fun!

I had bought, as part of the post-ppi-splurge, a bottle of Southern Comfort Lime… Talk about LETHAL – the stuff barely hints at alcoholic properties, yet claims to be 20% alcohol. I shall leave the following pictures tell the story of the night, that is all.






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