and XDP,

One word: CLUSTERFUCK. What a complete nightmare I had dealing with these two.

To be fair though, compared to XDP, BedroomFurnitureWorld weren’t too bad.

The issue: Complete lack of communication.

– I ordered around £700 worth of furniture from BedroomFurnitureWorld.

The first problem was that I didn’t receive a confirmation from the order until I called them the following day and nagged.

Second problem, their choice of courier – XDP.

XDP – WORST EVER EXPERIENCE I’ve had when dealing with a delivery.

When they didn’t turn up on the appointed day, I couldn’t get hold of the buggers, the number they give you, 0843 178 2222 simply isn’t answered, I can now understand why – they’re COMPLETELY USELESS. Eventually my wife found a number from them on a complaint forum somewhere on the interweb – 0843 178 5555 (USE THIS ONE if you have to contact these “people”), at least that number got answered, and after several nagging phone calls we got somewhere, the second day of chasing.

Anyhow, the first day, the appointed day of delivery – We’d both taken the day off work to receive this delivery, we were told it could be any time between 08:00 and 18:00 (NO convenient window of delivery from them)… Come 16:00 I call XDP, or try to, as above, and can’t get through!; so I call the company, BedroomFurnitureWorld, they manage to get hold of XDP in a few minutes and call me back… As it turns out, this bunch of cowboys were “too busy” to deliver our consignment and couldn’t be bothered letting us know. That’s right COULDN’T BE BOTHERED, meaning their customers don’t mean shit to them. Further information from the operator from BedroomFurnitureWorld reveals that the XDP depots are largely unmanned, so once the drivers collect their deliveries in the morning, from a customer perspective, you’re royally screwed if you need to contact the cowboys.

On the return call from BedroomFurnitureWorld, they refunded the grand total of £19.99 for the delivery fee (I’ve yet to see this a week later – they say it can take 2 weeks – yet somehow they can TAKE money from you INSTANTLY), and apologised for XDP’s piss-poor performance. A third call and they’d magically booked in a Saturday delivery (The original was on a Friday), when XDP don’t do Saturdays.

Saturday comes. No sign of the cowboys in the morning. Tried calling BedroomFurnitureWorld again – no contact – “Customer Services” simply aren’t on a weekend (Read: FAIL). This is where we spend three hours googling the shit out of XDP – As it turns out, they’re widely known as scumbags all over the interwebs. WISH I’d known that BedroomFurnitureWorld used XDP and what XDP were like before ordering, really.

After the three hours of googling, we get a response (YaY!) from them – and they promise to deliver in the afternoon, which was actually completed. I’m still of the opinion that if not for the constant stream of phone calls from us on Saturday to XDP that we’d still be waiting, and be down £700 for furniture.

Anyhow, I e-mailed BedroomFurnitureWorld regarding the sham which is their choice of courier, XDP, and they e-mailed back two days later with an empty apology.

The point of this RANT is DON’T use ANY company which use XDP, if you do, in my opinion only, you’ll be damn lucky if you get your goods on schedule, or at all.

Just as a point – for a disclaimer – this is my own true-to-life experience, and all my own opinions, if you read this, then please go google BedroomFurnitureWorld and XDP for yourselves, and make up your own mind – all the information you need is out there already; don’t be put off, on any account, by my experience.