Thinking points for life

Just some musings for the afternoon 🙂

Solitude – Not Just for Hermits:
Alone time isn’t just for recluses. Embrace seclusion and misanthropy to spark creativity and self-discovery. It’s the secret weapon for clear thinking, this one stands the test of time from the big hair of the 80s to the digital dilemmas of current times.

Skill Hoarding – It’s Not Just for Squirrels (or mad Americans):
Keep learning new tricks. Diversifying your skills is like storing nuts for winter – you never know which one you’ll need. Be the skill-squirrel in a world of one-trick ponies.

Listen Like a Spy:
Master the art of eavesdropping on life (you sneaky thing!). Active listening isn’t just polite, it’s intelligence gathering. Know more, speak less, surprise everyone with your insights and plans for world-domination.

Old-School Notes in a Digital World:
Break out the pen and paper. In an ocean of emails and texts, a handwritten note on dead-tree is a lifeboat of personal connection. Be vintage, be remembered (for your kookyness)…

The Patience of a Saint, sans Halo:
Slow down, hot stuff. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is anything worth having. Cultivate patience, and watch your plans unfold with the grace of a slow-motion silent-movie scene.

Networking – Not Just for Computers:
Go beyond friending and following. Forge real connections. The best network isn’t just online; it’s a web of secret-handshakes, shared coffees, and the occasional raised eyebrow. No sex, please, we’re British 😉

Ditch the Drama:
Life’s a stage, but you don’t have to be a drama queen. Keep it real, keep it offline, keep it honest (brutal?), and remember, sometimes the best response is just a cool, collected eyebrow raise (and a stuff upper-lip)…

Laugh at Life’s Fucktardness:
Life’s a circus full of spooky fucking clowns, and we’re all juggling lumps of potentially polished turds. Find humor in the fucktardery. Laugh at the absurd, the unexpected, and even at yourself, you special case. It’s the best way to keep sane in a world gone mad.

Reject the Rat Race:
Life’s a marathon, not a sprint (this body is built for leasure). Reject the relentless rat race (come to think of it, when the fuck did you see actual rats race – fucked up or what). Pace yourself, enjoy the scenery, and remember, the cheese at the end isn’t always worth the maze.

Embrace Your Quirks:
Normal is overrated. Fly your freak flag high and proud. Embrace your quirks and eccentricities. They’re not bugs in your software; they’re features.

Sing in the Rain – Embrace the Storms:
Don’t just endure life’s storms; celebrate them. When it pours, let the rain be your stage and the thunder your applause. Remember, even the darkest clouds and fiercest winds can’t silence your inner magic. Let your inner music be as defiant as a surreal rainbow in a stormy sky.

Plant Odd Trees – Cultivate Eccentricity:
In the gardens of your mind-palace, alongside practical choices, sow seeds of the peculiar and whimsical. Plant a tree that makes no sense but brings a smile. The mind’s garden should be a tapestry of the unexpected, a reflection of the myriad facets of your unique existence.

Travel Without Maps – Embrace the Unknown:
Embark on journeys without predetermined paths. Allow the road to unfold before you, embracing the unexpected detours and hidden alleyways. In the maze of the unknown, you’ll discover parts of yourself you never knew existed.

Talk to Strangers – Unscripted Connections:
Challenge the norms and engage with strangers. Every person you meet carries a universe of stories within them. These impromptu connections can turn ordinary moments into chapters of your life’s most enriching stories.

Collect Experiences, Not Gadgets – Treasure Memories:
In our tech-saturated world, prioritize collecting experiences over the latest gadgets. The richness of life is measured in the moments that take our breath away, not in the stuff we collect. Memories are the only treasures that become more valuable with time, of course a video never hurts 😉

Teach, Even If You’re Not a Teacher – Channel Master Splinter:
Passing on knowledge isn’t just a hobby; it’s a way of extending your life experiences through the ages, a legacy more enduring than monuments.

Learn an Odd Hobby – Celebrate Uniqueness:
Embrace that old dusty hobby which intrigues or amuses, no matter how far left field weird it may seem. Whether it’s mastering the art of tightrope walking or becoming an expert in ancient languages, let your hobbies be a colorful expression of your inner world.

Write Letters to the Future – Time Capsules of Self:
Compose letters to your future self. These are time capsules, capturing the essence of who you are today. They serve as reminders of your dreams, aspirations, and the journey you’re on, creating a bridge between your present and future. Just think, in years to come you too can look back and think “What the absolute fuck was I doing” 😉

Find Beauty in the Mundane – Celebrate the Ordinary:
Cultivate the art of finding serenity in the everyday. The ordinary is a canvas of extraordinary potential – the way light filters through empty vodka bottles, the rhythm in a raindrop, or the stories etched in a weathered face. In this appreciation, the mundane is transformed into a tapestry of wonder.