Drakeford, the new swear-word in Wales

Drakeford: The latest numpty to make the Welsh Dragon vomit.

So Drakeford…. He’s almost over, and I can’t get over the way mainstream media are lamenting the retirement for this complete arse of a politician. I know all politicians are spin masters, and in that role I think he’s gotten away with absolute fucking murder.

Literally nobody outside of politics, e.g. the common man in Wales knew jack-shit about the Welsh Senedd or the First Minister before Covid…. I mean there was the ‘free prescription’ thing (nothing is ever really free, remember that). Aside, I think to the common man they were just a few harmless loonies trying to make a difference…. Then Covid threw this bunch of loony bastards into sharp contrast against an otherwise tried and tested known bunch of politicians aka Westminster.

Drakeford and his cronies, in my own considered opinion, have set Wales back 20 years or more. Who the actual fuck did he and his cronies think they were? Saying we couldn’t buy a fucking toaster, or clothes for our children, but could buy beans during covid? Mandating completely unnecessary policies, making lives miserable, and placing the economy in bastard reverse – I swear Hitler couldn’t have done so much damage and gotten away with it, yet this charmed son of a bitch somehow got away with it. BTW: As a side-note, the nationalist party (also supporting these bunch of loony bastards) in Wales have a murky history with fascism – go google that one for yourself… A persistent cry from Wales as a whole in the last few years is Dictator Drakeford!

Fast forward a few years and we’re in 2023, he’s just resigned and now people, including the British Biased Corporation are actually praising this (in my opinion) complete arse.

The latest cherries on the heap of his and his cronies work…. Not being able to afford the NHS, not being able to get people off the streets, not being able to give kids school meals, cutting services, yet introducing completely loony speed limits most people realise are fucking bonkers, and randomly boosting the numbers of politicians for no other reason than ‘because’. Oh, and even they’ve admitted the debacle of speed limits and ‘transport strategy’ (read: ‘clusterfuck’) will cost the Welsh economy BILLIONS in lost revenue. Put it another way: Every single person in Wales risks being poorer, having less choice, and downgrading their standards of living because of Drakeford and those petty minded pygmies.

The cherry (bomb) on top for myself and many other people is the complete and utter contempt he and his party in Wales, backed up by the nationalist loonies, have shown the public! When asked about the review of the 20mph bollocks – his sole answer was ‘no’…. What the actual fuck! The public didn’t elect a dictatorship!

The continuing war on the working person is beyond a joke, 20mph, no roads, congestion charging, other restrictions with zero scientific backing ‘for the environment’…. Dude, the public aren’t stupid – we all see through the bullshit! It wouldn’t be too bad, but there aren’t any results at the end of the tunnel – we’re still (cluster)fucked.

Don’t even get me started on cycle lanes, for the millions of people who use them… errrr sorry, I said millions, what I meant was for the handful of numpties brave enough through the welsh weather where they don’t need to get places dry, don’t need to arrive fresh and not sweating their bollocks off, don’t need to transport any goods which can’t comfortably fit in a backpack… But those handful of people, taking up literally half the fucking road in some cases? You Fucking WHAT? That’s a good idea in exactly fuck-all ways.

Listen you fucking dickhead-numpties: People have cars, and use the road network to go about their lives and working careers, stop trying to make them miserable to fund your exorbitant useless vanity projects.

Get some sensible politicians in, genuine people who drive, have real world experience, don’t sit in ivory towers, know what it’s like to not be able to afford a fucking loaf of bread. Those people should balance the need for reform with people’s lives, their work, and their survival.

Off you fuck, Drakeford, you’ve damaged Wales more than I can even guesstimate from my limited knowledge. I genuinely hope you and your cronies get the requisite portion of pain and anguish that you’ve caused the good people of Wales!