Further info regarding #vaping, Popcorn Lung & safety.

IMG_4261Following on from my previous post Cloud shaped diet-aid… #vape Where I stated an awareness of a condition called Popcorn Lung, and its dangers. Well, I decided to do a little digging, and went ahead to contact the vendors and manufacturers of various e-liquids I’ve seen available for sale, and query the presence of the chemical responsible, diacetyl.

Here are a couple of my findings / thoughts:

Most of the e-liquids I looked into do not contain diacetyl, however it is always best to query before purchase.

The standards of the professional producers are amazing, the industry is really working well to give us the best possible products.

Only purchase e-liquids from a known professional supplier.

The companies which I’ve purchased from have confirmed, as below, that their liquids are wholly or in part diacetyl free.

From vapour.co.ukThey replied that some of their liquids contain diacetyl, but many are clear…

from: Vapour UK Support <support@vapour.co.uk> via helpscout.net
date: Mon, Jun 27, 2016
subject: Re: Contact Form
mailed-by: helpscout.net
signed-by: helpscout.net

Some of the eliquids we stock do contain diacetyl, however we also stock eliquids that do not. The best thing to is check the descriptions on the product pages, most of them say whether or not they contain any diacetyl.

Failing that I have put together some links below, that contain none and therefore are fine to vape if you are worried about diacetyl inhalation or popcorn lung.

Black Note


Ripe Vapes


Generals Juices

And from vapouriz.comAll of their E-Liquids are clear (And a really nice response from their support)…

from: Support <support@vapouriz.com> via freshdesk.com
reply-to: Support <support@vapouriz.com>
date: Mon, Jun 27, 2016
subject: Re: Offline message
mailed-by: email.freshdesk.com
signed-by: freshdesk.com


Thank you for getting in touch about this.

I am pleased to confirm that we go to extra lengths to prevent chemicals such as Diacetyl from entering our products.

We cannot provide the details of the exact ingredients in our flavours for obvious reasons, mainly being this is our IP. However, one thing we will be offering in the near future, is Certificates of Analysis for every liquid (and available on our website for all to see) which will show the absence of chemicals such as Diacetyl (and other ketones) or Acetoin etc – which are prohibited in our formulations.

I can give you my personal assurance, we have a strict policy in regards to our formulations and manufacturing process and work in accordance to PAS 54115 guidelines (https://ecita.org.uk/ecita-blog/summary-british-standards-institute-pas-54115)

I hope this helps!


Please do not hesitate to contact either myself, or another member of the customer service team should you require further assistance.

It’s also interesting to note that Vapouriz.co.uk are also online as Vapestore.co.uk & Vapourlabs.co.uk

I did go one step further with some of the liquids from vapour.co.uk, and chased up with the individual manufacturing outfit, and was pleasantly surprised of the standards they keep.

Premium Labs produce, among others, the Decoded range of liquids – which are great, their lab report for the range is here, and clearly states the lack of the chemicals which cause Popcorn Lung.

For a further list of professional suppliers (In the UK at least), check out The Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association – ECITA.

Also see this documentary from the BBC:

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