Cloud shaped diet-aid… #vape

IMG_4261Well… I lost five stone last year, and have managed to maintain my new shape for six months; however the temptations of the snacking kind are strong, and I am weak.

Bring on the #vape. I decided, after doing some internet, and documentary based ‘research’ to start vaping. The current best of research, and limited experiments state that there are virtually no down-sides to vaping, where as the upside for me is that when I vape, I don’t snack. So far, I’d estimate, that the vaping has reduced my snacking a good 70% – so that’s 70% less calories I’m absorbing via the snacks! There is also limited evidence that nicotine reduces appetite, and that in the past people have taken up smoking to control appetite. Now whilst I don’t believe / accept blindly everything I read – I decided to chance it and go for it anyhow.

So far, after just over a week, the only adverse affect is that I have a slightly dry throat leading to a minor dry cough; and from what I’ve read – this is normal – I’ll have to balance out the variables – drinking more (I’m like a camel, and don’t often drink much between getting up and around 13:00 daily), playing with the wattage of the device to alter the temperature of the vape, the VG content of the e-liquids (I’m aiming for 75-80%), and the drawing speed. I’m confident that as time passes, and my body gets used to this new sensation, and the variables are balanced, that this will pass. The reading I’ve been doing seems to confirm this – however I’ll have to wait for my sample of one to bear results 🙂

Classically I don’t have an addiction to nicotine, and have, in the past, been able to start and stop smoking at will – going from 0 to Camels via Marlboro Red and back in no time at all. It has been around 7-8 years since I was smoking on a regular basis.

More importantly, this new crutch / snacking substitute is enjoyable. I’ve been purchasing some e-liquids from, and have been impressed with the flavours and varieties to hand. I’m aware of the potential impact of “Popcorn lung” from these e-liquids, however the original study which was carried out was in relation to the ingredient diacetyl, which is a food flavouring often used in the manufacture of popcorn. I’m trusting that in using a professional supplier for my e-liquids I’m somewhat shielded from this chemical. This article from explains about it.

The device I chose is the VPark Box 30w, a cute little device which is ideal for me, not so much for a person looking to switch from smoking to vaping, due to the small battery (1000mAh). It comes with the VPark MAX Tank MINI, and even set as low as 18w produces a sensation akin to smoking, with the effect of a large could of vapour. I got mine from for £37, including a sample bottle of e-liquid – a fair priced deal, and I’m happy with the service from them. I’ve just ordered some more e-liquid from Vapouriz as well.

I’m aiming to post another article in a couple of months detailing how I’m getting on with this, and any impact that I can notice on my health.


I did some further reading regarding diacetyl – linked here

Four week update here….

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