.m3u playlists and Winamp…

winampRemember WinAmp?

Do you still use WinAmp?

Do you have a load of favoured, lovingly built .m3u playlists?

Would you like the files copied to another folder, without having do them manually one by one, to play on another device?

If the answer to all of the above is yes (This means you’re old!), look no further. Below is some batch file code in Windows which will allow you to do exactly that. Run it from the command line with the single parameter of the playlist.mu3 filename (Filename cannot contain spaces).

When run the batch file will create a folder in the current location named after the .m3u file, go through the .m3u file, then copy all of the tracks to the destination folder for you – from there all you need to do is reorganise them to your own preferences – you could use DBPowerAmp to convert the formats, and Mp3Tag to do the filenames / ID3 tags 🙂

I’ve recently used this to extract my playlists from my PC, copying the files, then setting the ID3 tags with Mp3Tag as a compilation, then shoving over to my iPad with CopyTrans Manager.

Have fun with the code, feel free to use and modify, however you are forbidden in using it in any form of commercial project without significant modification. If you do find the code handy, please comment, and link back here!

@echo off

if "%1"=="" goto NoFilename

if exist "%1" (goto continue) else (goto FileDoesntExist)


echo Extracting filenames from %1

find /V "#" %1 > tempfileextract.txt

set DestTemp=%1
set Dest=%DestTemp:~0,-4%

mkdir %dest%

for /f "delims=" %%a in (tempfileextract.txt) do (

echo Processing %cd%\%%a
copy "%cd%\%%a" %dest% >nul


goto end

echo No Filenname specified
goto end

echo Cannot open %1
goto end

echo Cleaning up.
if exist tempfileextract.txt del tempfileextract.txt
echo Done.

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